health July 11, 2020

Exclusive: Doctors ignore terminal cancer

A scan might have found the cancer now killing Daniel van Roo. Instead his doctor gave him 50 STI tests, which van Roo believes was because he is gay.

health July 11, 2020

The impact of Victoria’s second wave

As Treasurer Josh Frydenberg prepares to unveil a mini-budget on July 23, the Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria has put the country’s economic recovery in jeopardy.

health July 11, 2020

Five days inside the Melbourne nine block lockdowns

Residents in the public housing towers had no warning they would face some of the world’s toughest restrictions, as the state undertook a Covid-19 testing blitz.

law & crime July 4, 2020

The flaws in the COVIDSafe app

When the COVIDSafe contact tracing app launched, tech-savvy experts went looking for flaws. It didn’t take long to find them.

health July 4, 2020

Young people with disabilities still living in aged care

Of the thousands of young people with disabilities living in aged-care facilities, only a few hundred have been moved into the community since the NDIS rollout began in 2013.

health June 27, 2020

Victoria’s spike in Covid-19 cases

While experts acknowledge that bad luck has played a role in the spread of Covid-19 in Victoria, they also point to the state government’s management and communication failures.

health June 20, 2020

Autism review concerns NDIS users

As the National Disability Insurance Agency awaits the findings of research it has commissioned into autism support and treatment, members of the autism community are concerned the report may never be made public.

health June 13, 2020

NSW lays blame for Ruby Princess on feds

An inquiry into the ill-fated ship has revealed a report claiming the federal government was at fault for letting passengers disembark.

health May 23, 2020

Exclusive: Gov’s $5.8m aged-care app offers ‘no duty of care’

An Uber-like app that matches aged-care facilities with casual workers has won a government contract despite questions over what it provides.

ir May 23, 2020

The new world of desk-bound work

With Covid-19 forcing so many employees to work from home, permanent changes – both in function and monitoring – are expected in the ways we do business.

health May 16, 2020

Aspen Medical’s Covid-19 contracts

The awarding of $57 million in coronavirus-related contracts to the for-profit healthcare provider Aspen Medical is raising questions about state and federal governments’ continued willingness to outsource what were once public-led health responses.