resources July 24, 2021

How power and factionalism work in Berejikliand

A power-sharing relationship inside the NSW Liberals has given the party stability – and edged out the influence of Scott Morrison.

law & crime July 24, 2021

What drives Dr Kerry Chant?

Dr Kerry Chant is on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. She is described by colleagues as someone who abhors small talk and will give advice regardless of the impact on her career.

defence July 24, 2021

The militarisation of the public service

The government’s appointment of a three-star general to head the vaccine rollout is part of a larger trend that risks politicising the Defence Force.

immigration July 17, 2021

Covid-19 and immigration detention

During the pandemic, immigration detention centres have become more crowded. Despite many guards living in Covid-19 hotspots, there are no extra precautions for asylum seekers, no distancing and no access to vaccines. Advocates warn of a superspreading event if the virus gets in.

health July 17, 2021

Vaccines, part two: ‘Is this guy serious?’

Australia’s vaccine rollout has been a series of decisions and sliding doors moments, all connected to one original failure.

education July 17, 2021

Next frontier: The case for vaccinating schoolchildren

Childhood vaccination has still not been put on the agenda of national cabinet, but it is the next big focus of the pandemic.

media July 10, 2021

Part one: The true story of Australia’s vaccine failure

A time line of the science behind the Covid-19 vaccines shows how close Australia came to its own breakthroughs, and how it backed the wrong candidates.

ir July 10, 2021

The case that might close the wage gap

A landmark case before the Fair Work Commission could see aged-care workers granted a 25 per cent pay increase, and force the government to reckon with the wage gap across female-dominated industries.

health July 7, 2021

The government’s ‘fine line’ on AstraZeneca

Following Scott Morrison’s surprise announcement on AstraZeneca eligibility, the government rushed to update health advice. But questions remain about hesitancy and confusion.

health July 3, 2021

Exclusive: Morrison ignored chief health officers’ advice

On Monday, chief health officers urged Scott Morrison to drop the AstraZeneca vaccine entirely. Instead, he broadened its usage.

health July 3, 2021

Intergenerational report on Australia

Josh Frydenberg’s intergenerational report shows how few people of working age will be there to support an ageing population – but the numbers are not as dire as they seem.