health July 2, 2022

The next coronavirus variant is already here

New research shows the latest Omicron strains are more able to infect people who have been vaccinated, and multiple infections can cause future serious illness.

health June 25, 2022

The fight for NDIS support

Kate, 17, was taken to hospital for surgery to improve her life. It has led to a months-long battle with the hospital and the NDIS for a dramatically increased support plan.

health June 25, 2022

Labor’s urgent work to tackle domestic violence

New Labor minister Amanda Rishworth is under pressure to fix a flawed draft plan to end gendered violence, with the existing framework to expire this week. Experts say real progress is possible but could take years and cost billions.

law & crime June 18, 2022

The aged-care crisis in prisons

Despite ample warning that Australia’s jails are facing a rapidly ageing population, little action has been taken to mitigate the complications of dementia and illness.

health June 4, 2022

Kinship carers left broken and abandoned by states

Hundred of thousands of children have been left in the unofficial care of relatives, many of whom are suffering severe financial stress with no support – and in some cases outright intimidation – from child protection authorities.

health May 21, 2022

Testimony at the disability royal commission

The disability royal commission this week heard powerful testimony about a neglectful and mercenary approach to care at one of Australia’s longest-serving providers.

health April 30, 2022

Greg Hunt’s final act against universal healthcare

In one of his last acts as Health minister, Greg Hunt shut down Australia’s national prescribing service. Alongside another key review, it represents a pointed, almost unnoticed attack on universal healthcare.

health April 9, 2022

‘Eviction by dereliction’: the decay of public housing

Housing initiatives purporting to create a ‘social mix’ are a convenient way for governments to avoid building new social housing or to neglect existing stock while shifting public land into private ownership.

health April 2, 2022

The devaluation of Disabled lives

Ann Marie Smith died in abject circumstances, at the hands of her carer in the middle-class Adelaide suburb of Kingston Park. Her killing raises questions about the way our society treats the Disabled, in life and in death.

health March 26, 2022

Exclusive: NDIS reforms target children under nine

Tender documents show the government is tweaking the National Disability Insurance Scheme to exclude thousands of children with disabilities such as autism.

environment March 19, 2022

Households battling toxic mould after record rains

Rain in Sydney has led to an outbreak of mould, particularly in cheaper rental properties, with profound and insidious impacts on health.