health September 18, 2021

Exclusive: Ambulances ‘beyond crisis point’

The ambulance service used to reach its ‘status three’ crisis band once a decade. It has hit it several times in the past few weeks alone.

resources September 18, 2021

Homeless deaths in Australia’s richest state

As Western Australia posts a budget surplus of $5 billion, figures show more than one person a week is dying on the streets of Perth.

immigration September 18, 2021

Villawood asylum seeker’s plea from solitary ‘torture’ amid virus scare

Following warnings from advocates, Covid-19 has broken out in immigration detention. Imasi Yousef, a stateless asylum seeker, was identified as a close contact of an infected guard. He has been in a windowless room since.

health September 11, 2021

Exclusive: National cabinet told hospital crisis could last six months

As overwhelmed hospital staff prepare to triage patients based on age, a new briefing to national cabinet says the strain on the health system will last well into next year.

education September 11, 2021

The mental health crisis facing young Australians

Despite government promises to increase funding during the pandemic, Australian experts are identifying a mental health emergency for young people.

health August 28, 2021

Morrison’s hidden recession

Although not official, Australia is currently in a recession. The reasons for this are almost wholly due to the decision-making of the Morrison and Berejiklian governments.

religion August 28, 2021

Afghans in Australia: ‘I am human first of all’

In Sydney, a Hazara refugee wakes each morning and waits to hear from his mother in Kabul. He says he is drowning in fear.

resources August 21, 2021

Leaked doc: National cabinet counts ICU beds, underestimates cases by 50 per cent

A leaked document shows that national cabinet has shifted its focus from vaccinations to working out how well hospitals will cope with Covid-19 surges.

health August 21, 2021

Australia stalls vaccine supply

As Australia attempts to secure more Covid-19 vaccines, it is siding with major pharmaceutical companies in frustrating global efforts to introduce an intellectual property waiver that would allow generic manufacture.

indigenous affairs August 21, 2021

‘Excited delirium’ used by police

A controversial medical condition is being used by law enforcement around Australia to defend the use of force and to explain deaths in custody – but it has no agreed definition and may not even exist.

health August 14, 2021

Inside the NSW plan: Now live with the virus

As other states enter lockdown, NSW has abandoned plans to return to Covid Zero. It intends to begin opening up in a month.