News March 28, 2020

Fighting the infodemic

As well as trying to contain the catastrophic outbreak of Covid-19, health authorities, governments and social media platforms must also try to combat the rampant spread of misinformation about the virus.

News March 28, 2020

Regional and rural doctors left behind in Covid-19 fight

With insufficient supplies of protective equipment and few ICU beds, doctors in regional New South Wales warn the Covid-19 pandemic will push the healthcare system to the brink.

News March 28, 2020

Australian airlines in turmoil

As the aviation industry faces financial ruin, Qantas boss Alan Joyce lashes out at a possible government bailout of Virgin Australia, a move that only accentuates the turbulence ahead.

News March 28, 2020

Covid-19: Next few days will decide outcome

As the government suspends parliament until August to deal with the outbreak, key advisers say the next week is critical in controlling the spread.

News March 28, 2020

Exclusive: Inside the hunt for a vaccine

While one Queensland laboratory readies a Covid-19 vaccine for human trials, Howard-era public servant Jane Halton is co-ordinating the global response.

News March 21, 2020

Right-wing terrorism on the rise in Australia

The arrest of a NSW man following a Joint Counter Terrorism Team investigation highlights the rising threat of right-wing extremism in Australia and the bias in the way the country has been classifying terrorism.

News March 21, 2020

Coercive control laws in NSW

While New South Wales considers drafting legislation on coercive control, Scottish laws to criminalise such behaviour have already made a significant difference in domestic abuse cases.

News March 21, 2020

Everything you need to know about coronavirus

In a world currently also contaminated with false information surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, the experts are here to unravel the truth.

News March 21, 2020

Inside Morrison’s Covid-19 war cabinet

State, territory and federal leaders are setting aside party politics to try to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

News March 21, 2020

Defence braces for SAS murder charges

An inspector-general’s report, expected in the coming months, will likely recommend the prosecution of special forces soldiers over Afghan civilian killings.

News March 21, 2020

What Morrison did wrong on coronavirus

As the number of cases escalates, experts say the PM moved too slowly to contain the threat of Covid-19, straining our already under-resourced health system.

News March 14, 2020

Morrison’s economic stimulus package

In the hopes of heading off a possible recession, the government has released a $17.6 billion stimulus package, but questions remain about the lack of detail in its plans for regional support.