international relations

international relations   December 2, 2023

Inside the COP28 talks

In light of Australia’s bid to host the 2026 COP, extra pressure will fall on Chris Bowen and his delegation at this year’s conference to prove the nation’s commitment to mitigating climate change.

international relations   November 18, 2023

The art of the Tuvalu deal

Australia’s deal with Tuvalu is the first in the world to relocate a population stranded by rising sea levels, and highlights the cynicism of policy that avoids addressing the causes of climate change.

international relations   November 18, 2023

Penny Wong on the Israel–Hamas war

In an interview with The Saturday Paper, the foreign affairs minister notes the way events in the Middle East are ‘refracted’ in Australia, while continuing to call for ‘restraint and protection of civilian lives’.

international relations   November 4, 2023

What awaits Albanese in China

The prime minister’s visit to China is hoped to repair broken trade and economic ties but he must walk a fine line on humanitarian and security issues.

international relations   November 4, 2023

No clear end to Israel–Gaza ground invasion

A week into Israel’s invasion of Gaza, few hostages have been recovered, while the death toll rises and the UN warns of a humanitarian crisis.

international relations   October 28, 2023

Labor’s re-engagement with China

Preparations are under way in China for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit, but optimism for a restoration of ties is clouded by concerns about Australia’s policy alignment with the US.

international relations   September 2, 2023

What a Trump 2024 election victory would mean for Australia

The frontrunner for the Republican nomination is the centre of at least four criminal investigations, but even jail wouldn’t prevent him running for office. What would his return mean for Australia’s relationship with its most powerful ally?

international relations   August 26, 2023

‘It’s breaking down’: Can China contain its economic crisis?

As China teeters on the edge of a balance sheet recession, it’s clear Australia can no longer rely on its largest trading partner to pull it out of trouble.

international relations   May 27, 2023

Pentagon to secure Australian minerals in green deal

US president Joe Biden’s plan promises billions for Australian companies, while securing minerals for the US military.