environment February 15, 2020

Disability and climate disasters

This summer’s bushfire crisis has had a profound impact on people with disabilities, highlighting the urgent need for changes to the national disability strategy.

resources February 15, 2020

Canavan’s successor apt to fuel energy wars

Elevated to Resources minister after Matt Canavan’s resignation, Keith Pitt has moved quickly – announcing a feasibility study into a new coalmine.

resources February 15, 2020

Decommissioning oil vessel could cost taxpayers $230m

The sale of a Woodside offshore oil vessel to a fledgling company that has since gone belly up could potentially see taxpayers footing a huge decommissioning bill.

immigration February 15, 2020

Government stalling on Howard refugee compo

For nearly a decade, Payam Saadat has fought for compensation over the trauma he endured in immigration detention. More than 60 other cases rely on the result of his trial.

environment February 15, 2020

Environment grants awarded by invitation only

A $100 million grants program, established by the government ahead of the 2019 election, was restricted to 25 preselected projects, most of them in key seats for the Coalition.

politics February 8, 2020

The biggest party donor you’ve never heard of

Liberal insiders say Isaac Wakil was never present in high-end donor circles. So what prompted the reclusive 92-year-old to donate $4.1 million to the Liberal Party?

politics February 8, 2020

Inside Palmer’s campaign to thwart Labor

Clive Palmer spent almost $84 million on his party’s failed tilt at the 2019 election, but former UAP candidates now say the real goal was to prevent an ALP victory.

immigration February 8, 2020

Universities and the China ban

A taskforce that was set up to deal with the effects of the bushfire crisis on overseas student numbers is now examining the fallout from the coronavirus breakout – with repercussions predicted far beyond the university sector.

environment February 8, 2020

Nuclear waste site selected in SA

The government’s decision to build a nuclear waste facility in Kimba has divided the South Australian town, with detractors questioning the millions spent on building community support.

politics February 8, 2020

Bridget McKenzie falls on sports grants sword

As Bridget McKenzie’s resignation brings about a surge in the Coalition’s conservative wing, new analysis confirms the bias of the sports grants program.

environment February 1, 2020

States defy Commonwealth on emissions

With Scott Morrison refusing to budge on reducing emissions, state governments and the private sector are leading the way on going carbon neutral.