resources May 15, 2021

What’s behind Frydenberg’s debt epiphany?

The budget surprised many as the treasurer shrugged off long-held fears of spending and deficits, which may be the result of consultation with some unexpected advisers.

resources May 15, 2021

Business leaders push back against ‘fortress Australia’

As the government concedes Australia’s borders can’t reopen until mid-2022, concern is growing about damage to our reputation internationally.

education May 15, 2021

Australia’s falling student rankings

Australia’s international rankings in science, maths and reading have dropped, but while politicians claim to be funding education adequately, critics point out that the money is being directed to all the wrong places.

health May 15, 2021

Who is Amanda Stoker?

Amanda Stoker’s speech at an anti-abortion rally last weekend has sparked fresh concerns over her appointment as assistant minister for Women.

law & crime May 15, 2021

Takeover fight for Crown Resorts

Star Entertainment Group has upped the stakes in the takeover battle for the troubled Crown Resorts, launching an unsolicited merger bid that, if successful, would create a $12 billion gambling behemoth.

immigration May 15, 2021

Refugee processing blitz

Refugees who have waited for years to have their cases for asylum heard are now being rushed through a new system that critics say erodes due process.

resources May 8, 2021

Clive Palmer’s method of attack

Clive Palmer is running a multimillion-dollar campaign against the corporate regulator. The only question is: What does he hope to achieve?

immigration May 8, 2021

Exclusive: Howard minister slams ban on India returnees

Following the prime minister’s ban on Australian citizens returning from India, Fran Bailey has called the decision abhorrent and an indictment on the government.

law & crime May 8, 2021

Our Watch and respectful relationships

Leaked documents show the Morrison government is actively undermining respectful relationships education and preventing expert materials from being taught.

media May 8, 2021

McKinsey and the NDIA

While the government works to reform the disability insurance agency and restart welfare debt collections, management consultancy McKinsey has amassed significant influence.

resources May 8, 2021

Hugh White on how a conflict with China ‘would very likely become a nuclear war’

As the Morrison government attempts a policy of containment against China, it risks the real prospect of war and one of the biggest failures of statecraft in Australia’s history.