resources October 16, 2021

Palmer’s UAP now largest party by membership

As membership of the United Australia Party surges, its policy platform remains built almost entirely around Covid-19 conspiracies.

rural October 16, 2021

Exclusive: Government documents reveal Indigenous infection rates

Leaked documents show Covid-19 infections among Indigenous people are almost double the national average.

ir October 16, 2021

Wuhan: What the Markson book
tells us

A significant figure globally in the culture war over Covid-19, Sharri Markson gives an account of the virus’s outbreak that is lucid, flawed and revealing.

environment October 16, 2021

Clock ticks for the Nationals on climate

The Nationals meet on Sunday to decide their climate change policy, although some members worry Barnaby Joyce has already done a deal with Scott Morrison.

resources October 16, 2021

The climate case that has the Morrison government scrambling

The leaking by the Morrison government of court submissions shows its antagonistic attitude towards the judiciary, particularly in cases related to climate change.

law & crime October 16, 2021

What are the Labor IBAC hearings actually about?

As federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne is embroiled in Victoria’s branch-stacking probe, the party is watching to see who else may be called to testify in front of the commission.

economy October 9, 2021

What’s actually wrong with Dominic Perrottet?

Despite the attention given to his religious conservatism, it is Dominic Perrottet’s reformist economic zeal that will likely define his premiership.

politics October 9, 2021

How private management consultants took over the public service

Since the Coalition came to power, outsourcing of policy work to management consultants has surged – to the point where the public service scarcely has the expertise to function.

law & crime October 9, 2021

ASIC chair Joe Longo on regulating crypto and the next big moves

Joe Longo is now four months into his term as chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. In an expansive interview with The Saturday Paper, the 61-year-old career lawyer and banker details his priorities and expectations.

immigration October 9, 2021

What happened to the asylum seekers aboard SIEV X?

Twenty years after it sank, there is still a terrible mystery about what happened to the asylum seekers aboard SIEV X and why they were not rescued by Australia.

law & crime October 9, 2021

Federal integrity commission could cover Christian Porter’s blind trust

Amanda Stoker, assistant minister to the attorney-general, has raised new questions about whether a federal integrity commission would cover Christian Porter’s blind trust.