law & crime

immigration June 12, 2021

Sick, trapped, scared: Priya speaks from Perth hospital

As her daughter battles sepsis, Priya Murugappan talks to The Saturday Paper about the four-year-old’s dramatic health decline while held in immigration detention.

law & crime June 12, 2021

Delays in vaccinating prisoners

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to Australian prisons has been delayed despite evidence from around the world that the virus can be a disaster for incarcerated people.

defence June 5, 2021

Exclusive: US warned Australia on Kabul closure

The Morrison government’s decision to close its embassy in Afghanistan with little warning has sparked concern from America, not least because of the threat the Taliban poses to local staff.

law & crime June 5, 2021

Christian Porter’s defamation case

Former attorney-general Christian Porter has discontinued his defamation case against the ABC. But it seems his battles, in and out of the courtroom, are far from over.

law & crime June 5, 2021

Yang Hengjun and China’s rule of law

As Australian writer Yang Hengjun awaits a verdict after being tried in China on charges of espionage, a conviction seems likely. Harder to predict is the sentence he will be given.

law & crime June 5, 2021

Sharma v Environment Minister

For the students who launched legal action against the Environment minister over her duty to protect young people from an impending climate change catastrophe, the fight is far from over.

law & crime May 29, 2021

Mark Speakman on NSW consent laws

As NSW announces major changes to its sexual consent laws, the state’s attorney-general, Mark Speakman, explains why he pushed ahead with these nation-leading reforms.

law & crime May 29, 2021

Tracing paper trail of Brittany Higgins’ alleged assault

Senior officials faced further questions this week about their handling of Brittany Higgins’ allegation that she was raped by a colleague in Parliament House.

law & crime May 29, 2021

Mr XX marks the spot

The identities of several senior legal figures are being protected by suppression orders, even after some have been found guilty of serious offences, raising questions about secrecy and privilege in the courts.

immigration May 29, 2021

Australian government legalises ‘a crime against humanity’

A 20-year fight over the indefinite detention of asylum seekers has culminated in a law advocates fear will strand refugees behind bars for life.

indigenous affairs May 22, 2021

Centres for working women at risk

Despite this month’s federal budget pledging $3.2 billion to women, a critical front-line service has lost much of its funding and will likely close before the end of the year.