law & crime

law & crime April 17, 2021

Updating the Sex Discrimination Act

For years Susan Ryan fought to get the Sex Discrimination Act passed. Three decades later, the battle continues with a push to bring politicians and judges under the law.

law & crime April 17, 2021

The restructuring of the NDIS

A secret taskforce set up to cut costs and reduce access to the NDIS is the tip of the iceberg in a suite of plans to dramatically reshape the scheme.

law & crime April 10, 2021

The [email protected] response

The federal government has finally addressed the Respect @ Work report. Its delayed response has been cautiously welcomed by those who hope for real change.

law & crime April 3, 2021

WhatsApp leak: ministers shut out of  NDIS redraft

State and territory disability ministers have been sidelined from plans to strip back the NDIS. The legislation will hand the federal minister ‘God powers’ over the scheme.

law & crime April 3, 2021

Exclusive: While women marched, the PM was doing factional deals

As questions grow about the government’s handling of both sexual assault claims and the vaccine rollout, Scott Morrison has been focused on shoring up his numbers.

ir April 3, 2021

Morrison’s new cabinet

Scott Morrison’s ministerial reshuffle included a few surprises, and not a small amount of controversy. Ultimately, though, the faces remain the same.

law & crime March 27, 2021

Higgins police inquiry may extend to parliamentary ‘cover-up’

As further reports of abusive sexual behaviour emerge from parliament, the AFP may be investigating the aftermath of Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape.

law & crime March 27, 2021

Dhadjowa Foundation to help Aboriginal families

Four years after her mother’s death, Apryl Day has established the Dhadjowa Foundation to support families like hers whose loved ones have died – and continue to die – in police custody.

law & crime March 20, 2021

Women’s March 4 Justice

Monday’s March 4 Justice against the sexual abuse and harassment of women sent a powerful message. But for many long-term activists there is also a feeling of disbelief and despair that the same battles are still being fought.

law & crime March 20, 2021

Harassment and federal parliament

Politicians and their staff still have no mandatory bullying or harassment training, despite a 2012 legal undertaking made in the settlement of James Ashby’s sexual harassment claim.

law & crime March 20, 2021

Christian Porter v the ABC

ANALYSIS: Christian Porter’s defamation case against the ABC and Louise Milligan has put a spotlight on Australia’s legal system and our lack of a public interest defence for journalism.