Deradicalising Indonesian terrorists

Martin Goettske
Amir Abdillah helped kill and maim dozens of people but the now-free convicted terrorist says he’s done waging holy war. With many fellow jihadists being released from jail, the spotlight is on efforts to deradicalise them.

Brandis reverses community legal centres funding cut

Karen Middleton
The government’s reversal of funding cuts to community legal centres came after a campaign from across the legal sector and within parliament.

Government dismisses shootings on Manus Island

Martin McKenzie-Murray
With numerous shots fired at the Manus Island detention centre, the danger to detainees and Australian staff has become undeniable to all but the Australian government.

Pardon call over ‘flawed’ Kevin Henry murder case

Amy McQuire
An Aboriginal man has spent the past 25 years in jail for a murder he says he did not commit, his only link to the crime a dubious 1991 confession.

The murder of Fitzroy taxi driver Mohamud Muketar

Denham Sadler
Almost a year on from the murder of a Melbourne taxi driver, police are no closer to solving the crime and his father no nearer to answers.

Don Dale guard Conan Zamolo’s disturbing testimony

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the royal commission continues in the Northern Territory, a culture of brutal dysfunction emerges.

Exclusive: How the church forced me to relive my abuse

Therase Lawless
Having testified at the royal commission and for a police investigation, a victim of abuse endures another cycle of doubt from the church.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

Reporting Robert Xie’s murder of Brenda Lin’s family

Miriam Cosic
In 2009, her world was torn apart by the murder of her parents, brothers and aunt. Now, following her uncle’s long-awaited conviction, Brenda Lin faces the glare of the media again.

Criminalising the homeless of Melbourne’s CBD

Roj Amedi
Rough sleepers have been moved on from Melbourne’s city streets, but without a long-term assistance strategy, how can they rebuild their lives?

Race, stereotyping and Melbourne’s Apex gang

Santilla Chingaipe
The media’s reporting of gang crime across Melbourne has racial overtones, singling out Sudanese Australians and engendering fear and stereotyping in the community.

Federal cuts to family violence reform funding

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Barely two years on from strong government responses to family violence, driven by Rosie Batty, federal funding cuts to front-line services threaten to place more women and children than ever in jeopardy.

Wayne Morrison's family questions secrecy over his death

John Power
More than four months since the death in custody of an Indigenous man, his family awaits details from correctional services of how it happened.

Ms Dhu's family's fight for prosecutions

Denham Sadler
Ms Dhu’s family is determined not to let the coronial report into her death disappear from the spotlight without prosecutions.

Scott Johnson’s legacy

Rick Feneley
Investigation into the cause of Scott Johnson’s death, now in its third inquiry, led NSW police into a re-evaluation of 88 other cases, to consider how many might have been gay-hate killings.

Dylan Voller: ‘The problem is the justice system itself’

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As Australia sees Dylan Voller’s face for the first time, the deeper questions of the royal commission are only beginning.

Exclusive: Don Dale training manual revealed

John Power
Documents obtained under freedom of information laws show how NT corrections officers violated official procedures at Don Dale.

Dennis Nona and moral questions about criminal artists

Martin McKenzie-Murray
The sentencing of artist Dennis Nona for child abuse, and fresh reports of Donald Friend’s paedophilia, raises deeper questions about what we do with the art of fallen heroes.

Sex workers fight against stigma for equal justice

Bronwyn Adcock
Sex workers face a heightened risk of assault, but the often callous treatment they receive from the justice system means many crimes go unreported.

The court case behind Australia’s first recognised same-sex marriage

Anthony Brewster
As half of Australia’s first federally recognised same-sex marriage, and divorce, Grace Abrams has spent her life battling perceptions of her gender.

Millers Point residents challenge Barangaroo casino in court

Anne Davies
A Land and Environment Court challenge to James Packer’s proposed casino tower at Barangaroo may yet turn the odds against the Crown Resorts proposal.

The Coalition attacks on statutory authorities

Mike Seccombe
Senate committee attacks on statutory officers reveal a government prepared to undermine independent institutions and hound advisers out of office when their counsel is politically unwelcome.

Solicitors-general support Justin Gleeson in argument with George Brandis

Richard Ackland
A gathering of former solicitors-general has supported Justin Gleeson’s view that Attorney-General George Brandis misunderstands the Law Officers Act.

Justice Reinvestment on trial in Cowra

John Power
In country NSW, a small town is embarking on an innovative plan to keep potential law-breakers out of the justice system.

NT royal commission and the youth justice system

Kieran Finnane
As a royal commission probes child protection and detention in the Northern Territory, ongoing issues of alcohol abuse, violence and neglect in Aboriginal families keep delivering new offenders into the system.