law & crime

indigenous affairs August 6, 2022

Victoria’s Indigenous legal service forced to turn away clients

In a move that highlights a critical shortage of funding, Victoria’s only legal service for First Nations communities has been forced to implement a freeze on new clients.

law & crime August 6, 2022

‘Damaging to democracy’: The secret trial of  Witness J

New details have emerged in the prosecution of Witness J, who was secretly jailed for sharing classified information.

law & crime July 30, 2022

It’s time for Labor to dismantle its factions

Victoria’s Labor government may have avoided a deeper investigation into the ‘extensive misconduct’ exposed by Operation Watts, but the damage to the party from its factional disputes can no longer be ignored.

law & crime July 30, 2022

The deadly consequences of rental evictions in WA

As a homelessness crisis unfolds around the country, the Western Australian government has undertaken to review tenancy laws to finally remove ‘no grounds’ rental evictions.

law & crime July 23, 2022

Odds stacked against justice in politicised AAT

As the attorney-general considers whether to dissolve the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, freedom of  information documents show the body has been so stacked with government appointments that they are radically affecting its decision-making outcomes.

law & crime July 16, 2022

Labor set to shake up the High Court

With two new appointments to the High Court pending, a controversial case over the constitutional status of Indigenous Australians, and a federal judicial conduct commission in the wings, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has a packed legal agenda.

law & crime July 9, 2022

Queensland affirmative consent laws follow NSW example

With affirmative consent laws expected to be introduced in Queensland, the state is on track to go from being arguably the most archaic in Australia in regard to sexual assault legislation to the most progressive.

law & crime July 2, 2022

Inside the police crackdown on Blockade Australia

As Blockade Australia concludes a week of climate protests in Sydney, police are using extraordinary tactics against the group, arresting and rearresting dozens of people.

law & crime June 18, 2022

The aged-care crisis in prisons

Despite ample warning that Australia’s jails are facing a rapidly ageing population, little action has been taken to mitigate the complications of dementia and illness.

law & crime June 11, 2022

Why did Google try to defend Friendlyjordies’ Barilaro videos?

Google’s defence of a popular YouTuber’s blatantly racist and defamatory content has cost it dearly, both in money and reputation.

defence May 14, 2022

Ben Roberts-Smith trial calls next witness

As the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case continues, his four star witnesses face their own difficulties in and out of the witness box.