Rural April 17, 2021

How Christine Holgate lost her job trying to save Australia Post

The fallen chief executive says the government planned to privatise the national mail carrier to boost its own bottom line. But Christine Holgate had other plans.

Environment April 17, 2021

US climate summit to be a reckoning for Morrison

While Joe Biden looks set to double America’s emissions reduction target at a meeting of world leaders next week, Australia’s ‘gas-fired recovery’ sees it increasingly isolated.

Law & Crime April 17, 2021

Updating the Sex Discrimination Act

For years Susan Ryan fought to get the Sex Discrimination Act passed. Three decades later, the battle continues with a push to bring politicians and judges under the law.

Law & Crime April 17, 2021

The restructuring of the NDIS

A secret taskforce set up to cut costs and reduce access to the NDIS is the tip of the iceberg in a suite of plans to dramatically reshape the scheme.

Education April 17, 2021

Covid-19 and its effects on the brain

A comprehensive study of more than 230,000 people by Oxford University researchers has linked neurological disorders, such as stroke and dementia, to Covid-19.

Media April 17, 2021

Ramping up the vaccine rollout

The states and territories are demanding additional funding from the federal government in exchange for their stepping in to get the beleaguered vaccine rollout back on track.

World April 17, 2021

Botched Brexit deal reignites Northern Ireland tensions

Sinn Féin funeral procession under lockdown angers unionists. Irish Sea trade barrier undermines assurances from Boris Johnson.

Health April 13, 2021

Exclusive: Documents leaked from secretive NDIS taskforce

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is looking to limit new applicants and the amount allocated to existing users to control a cost blowout.

World April 10, 2021

Landslides, floods cause havoc in Timor-Leste

US tries to salvage the ailing Iran nuclear deal. Jordan’s King Abdullah moves against rival half-brother. New Zealand agrees to travel bubble with Australia from April 19.

Health April 10, 2021

Robo-debt public servants now shaping the NDIS

As the government pushes for major changes to the NDIS, The Saturday Paper can reveal key figures in the scheme’s fraud and compliance division were also involved in the robo-debt fiasco.

Health April 10, 2021

Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government

While the government pushes ahead with its major tax cuts, despite the pandemic, new analysis shows they will have a negative impact on women.

Resources April 10, 2021

Australia missing out on EVs

An electric vehicle factory that could have brought hundreds of jobs to Victoria’s struggling Latrobe Valley has stalled. But around Australia the lack of government support for EVs stands in stark contrast to other nations.