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Inside the sick, sad world of the Q Society and the Australian Liberty Alliance

–Mike Seccombe

In the wake of their controversial fundraising dinners, the Q Society explain their roots and their paranoid vision of Australia’s future.


Yassmin Abdel-Magied and the Australian crucible

–Susan Carland


Foreign policy in the age of Trump

– Karen Middleton

As Julie Bishop completes her first meetings with Trump’s key advisers, the alliance appears strengthened by Malcolm Turnbull’s heated phone call.


Race, stereotyping and Melbourne’s Apex gang

– Santilla Chingaipe

The media’s reporting of gang crime across Melbourne has racial overtones, singling out Sudanese Australians and engendering fear and stereotyping in the community.


Gadfly: Piers group pressure

– Richard Ackland

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

gadfly flying


MTC’s ‘John’

– Peter Craven

Sarah Goodes’ MTC production of John features two actors at the height of their powers, in a drama from the master playwright Annie Baker.


Hazara refugee Nabi Zaher’s citizenship fight

– Abdul Karim Hekmat

The case of a Hazara refugee whose Australian citizenship was arbitrarily delayed and vexatiously questioned serves to highlight the Department of Immigration’s continued administrative bungling.


New security adviser pro ‘hearts and minds’

– Hamish McDonald

Russian ties to US property deals; Benjamin Netanyahu's Australian visit


Gonski funding under threat despite positive outcomes

– Jane Caro

As the federal government shies away from the full funding of Gonski, the successes of the model are becoming clearer.


Gaps in Turnbull's Coalition and credibility

– Paul Bongiorno


Malian singer Inna Modja on the activism in her music

– Jane Cornwell

As a model and fledgling pop star, Inna Modja kept her personal story to herself. But as her profile grew, so did her passion to speak out.

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