law & crime

law & crime   December 9, 2023

Kind of lazy and an idiot: the Bruce Lehrmann trial

This week the defamation trial has revealed more of Bruce Lehrmann’s interactions with Brittany Higgins in the weeks before the alleged rape, and tensions between him and his former colleagues.

immigration   December 9, 2023

‘It’s pathetic’: outgoing security watchdog slams detention laws

The former national security monitor warns the government’s preventive detention laws would be ‘shocking’ in other parts of the world.

law & crime   December 9, 2023

Jailed activist remains committed to the cause

The first environmental activist to be jailed in Tasmania in 12 years speaks up about her unbroken commitment to nonviolent direct action, despite the harsher penalties now faced by protesters around the country.

law & crime   December 2, 2023

‘You didn’t look nervous, Mr Lehrmann. You look very keen to tell a lie...’

Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network Ten has been defined by an inability to recall key details and testimony that is contradicted by other evidence.

law & crime   November 25, 2023

NDIS regulator faces fresh allegations

As minister Bill Shorten prepares to release the findings from a sweeping review of the NDIS, the head of its regulator faces allegations she was aware or should have been aware of abuse exposed by the media.

law & crime   November 25, 2023

Mark Dreyfus pushes secrecy law changes

In an interview with The Saturday Paper, the attorney-general explains his overhaul of national secrecy laws to limit their use, amid concerns about exceptions for information that could prejudice the ‘effective working of government’.

law & crime   November 18, 2023

David McBride’s whistleblower defence crashes

The criminal trial of David McBride has come to an abrupt end, as a serious blow to his defence led him to plead guilty to three charges, raising concerns about the implications for future whistleblowers.

law & crime   November 18, 2023

A serious flaw in the robodebt response

The attorney-general has ignored a ‘lynchpin’ recommendation of the robodebt royal commission, claiming it is not a recommendation at all.

international relations   November 18, 2023

Penny Wong on the Israel–Hamas war

In an interview with The Saturday Paper, the foreign affairs minister notes the way events in the Middle East are ‘refracted’ in Australia, while continuing to call for ‘restraint and protection of civilian lives’.

defence   November 18, 2023

Exclusive: Afghan war crime families ready to testify

The widows of Afghan civilians allegedly killed by Australian soldiers say they have had no contact from the Australian government but are ready to testify about the war crimes.

law & crime   November 11, 2023

Power and violence in private school culture

The murder of a young woman at an elite private school, and the reaction from a former principal, has highlighted a broader culture of privilege in which young boys are protected from consequence or culpability.