law & crime   December 2, 2023

‘You didn’t look nervous, Mr Lehrmann. You look very keen to tell a lie...’

Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network Ten has been defined by an inability to recall key details and testimony that is contradicted by other evidence.

media   November 25, 2023

Rupert Murdoch’s last AGM stand

As Rupert Murdoch’s reign formally ends, it has become clear that the political power he once enjoyed has been lost to figures like Donald Trump.

international relations   November 4, 2023

No clear end to Israel–Gaza ground invasion

A week into Israel’s invasion of Gaza, few hostages have been recovered, while the death toll rises and the UN warns of a humanitarian crisis.

media   September 30, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch flaunts his ‘conservative credentials’

Lachlan Murdoch’s first actions since taking over his father’s empire suggest he is committed to the network’s far-right populism. Whether it keeps him in the job is another question.

media   September 23, 2023

Standing up to The Australian

Journalist Louise Milligan’s complaint about unfair reporting in The Australian took two years to settle, only after the Press Council lost key documents and encouraged her to drop the case.

media   September 22, 2023

‘I am in robust health’: Rupert Murdoch hands the empire to Lachlan

At the age of 92, Rupert Murdoch has finally stepped down as chair of News Corp. The ‘most dangerous man in the world’ has put his son in charge.

law & crime   August 26, 2023

Six things we know about the Leongatha mushroom poisoning

Numerous questions remain unanswered as the Victorian town of Leongatha grapples with the deaths of three people and the hospitalisation of another after a family lunch – but some facts have emerged.

media   August 19, 2023

ADH TV gives Alan Jones a new platform

ADH TV, with the backing of James Packer and a 20-something chief executive, is giving Alan Jones and others an online platform to the right of Sky News.

law & crime   August 12, 2023

Charges considered over Sofronoff inquiry leak

The head of the inquiry into the Lehrmann prosecution is likely to face the ACT Integrity Commission and may also be charged for giving his report to The Australian before the government.

media   August 5, 2023

The government plan to combat social media misinformation

A senate report on foreign interference through social media channels in Australia is proposing a co-ordinated national approach to ensure online platforms work harder to combat false information.

indigenous affairs   July 15, 2023

The fight against disinformation on the Voice

A proposed new law designed to fight online misinformation is little comfort to ‘Yes’ campaigners who are horrified by what is being spread on social media.