law & crime   November 18, 2023

A serious flaw in the robodebt response

The attorney-general has ignored a ‘lynchpin’ recommendation of the robodebt royal commission, claiming it is not a recommendation at all.

international relations   November 4, 2023

What awaits Albanese in China

The prime minister’s visit to China is hoped to repair broken trade and economic ties but he must walk a fine line on humanitarian and security issues.

international relations   October 28, 2023

Labor’s re-engagement with China

Preparations are under way in China for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit, but optimism for a restoration of ties is clouded by concerns about Australia’s policy alignment with the US.

indigenous affairs   October 21, 2023

The key failures of the ‘Yes’ campaign

With the Voice referendum ending in a ‘No’ vote, does its failure lie in a divided country or with the overestimation of a prime minister who loves to note he has been underestimated?

law & crime   October 21, 2023

Exclusive: Private companies halting welfare payments

A feature in the welfare system is allowing private businesses to suspend hundreds of thousands of welfare payments.

indigenous affairs   October 14, 2023

Nothing has won

A decade of work for supporters of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament was struck down barely an hour after polls closed in the east of the country.

politics   October 14, 2023

The bipartisan deal designed to thwart independents

Labor and the Coalition have cooperated on electoral reforms targeting the use of private money – which will hit the funding models of challengers such as Clive Palmer and the teals.

indigenous affairs   October 7, 2023

Into the final week: ‘Yes’ case ‘more hopeful than optimistic’

‘Yes’ campaigners are focusing on direct personal appeals to undecided voters, in the hope of clawing back support as they battle online falsehoods and an increasingly vitriolic debate.

media   September 30, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch flaunts his ‘conservative credentials’

Lachlan Murdoch’s first actions since taking over his father’s empire suggest he is committed to the network’s far-right populism. Whether it keeps him in the job is another question.

politics   September 30, 2023

The fall of Mike Pezzullo

Home Affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo was one of the country’s most powerful bureaucrats before he came unstuck with the exposure of a string of partisan messages. The big question is: who leaked them and why now?

law & crime   September 30, 2023

Government revisits trade clause that allowed Clive Palmer lawsuits

Clive Palmer’s move to sue the government in a secretive international tribunal highlights the need to amend Australia’s trade policy to prevent claims that could hamper emissions reduction efforts.