environment December 19, 2020

Covid-19 saved Morrison, but climate is the real test

Having outperformed the world in containing coronavirus, Australia’s lack of action on climate change will precipitate a much greater crisis.

asia pacific December 19, 2020

Trade war: Can the China relationship be salvaged?

As Australia takes the serious step of referring its top trading partner to the World Trade Organization, China watchers wonder whether a truce is now impossible.

politics December 19, 2020

Morrison, Albanese get ready for 2021

As Australia enters what may be an election year, Scott Morrison’s approval is high rather than solid, while Anthony Albanese has strategy rather than tactics.

resources December 19, 2020

Fracking on Country in the NT

As a senate inquiry launches a scathing critique of the legislative failures that led to the destruction of the Juukan Gorge caves, traditional owners in the Northern Territory are fighting a fracking project that threatens water sources and sacred sites.

environment December 12, 2020

The Liberal minister forcing action on climate change

In his first major interview since passing a landmark energy package, NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean outlines his philosophy for a new kind of politics.

health December 12, 2020

How the NDIA is devaluing disability

With the NDIA appearing intent on downgrading funding for supported independent living, the lives of those relying on the scheme are being put at risk.

asia pacific December 12, 2020

Part one: How the China relationship collapsed

As antagonism between Canberra and Beijing flares, tracing the history of the relationship reveals that ties began to fray long ago and tensions may get even worse.

law & crime December 12, 2020

AFP’s new power to spy on Australians

In direct contradiction to a recommendation of a national intelligence review, the government is giving the AFP sweeping new spying powers to combat cybercrime.

law & crime December 12, 2020

Funding by delegated legislation

Amid growing perceptions of corruption in Australia, a senate committee has raised concerns about the billions of dollars in funding allocated by the government without parliamentary scrutiny.

africa December 12, 2020

Australians stranded in Ethiopia

Australians are desperate to be repatriated from Ethiopia as armed conflict between the government and separatists escalates in the country’s Tigray province, cutting off access to basic supplies, transport and the internet.

health December 5, 2020

Exclusive: The seven-year plot to undermine the NDIS

After years of careful manoeuvring, the Coalition government is readying to make radical changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The revised system will force new assessments and tighten eligibility.