health April 10, 2021

Robo-debt public servants now shaping the NDIS

As the government pushes for major changes to the NDIS, The Saturday Paper can reveal key figures in the scheme’s fraud and compliance division were also involved in the robo-debt fiasco.

health April 10, 2021

Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government

While the government pushes ahead with its major tax cuts, despite the pandemic, new analysis shows they will have a negative impact on women.

resources April 10, 2021

Australia missing out on EVs

An electric vehicle factory that could have brought hundreds of jobs to Victoria’s struggling Latrobe Valley has stalled. But around Australia the lack of government support for EVs stands in stark contrast to other nations.

law & crime April 10, 2021

The [email protected] response

The federal government has finally addressed the Respect @ Work report. Its delayed response has been cautiously welcomed by those who hope for real change.

resources April 10, 2021

Melbourne set to overtake Sydney

Melbourne’s population growth means it could soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city, which will have huge social and political implications nationally.

economy April 10, 2021

Older women and homelessness

While the Morrison government makes gestures towards stronger protections for women, the number of homeless women aged over 55 continues to rise alarmingly – made worse by the pandemic, inaccurate economic modelling and poor superannuation policies.

law & crime April 3, 2021

WhatsApp leak: ministers shut out of  NDIS redraft

State and territory disability ministers have been sidelined from plans to strip back the NDIS. The legislation will hand the federal minister ‘God powers’ over the scheme.

law & crime April 3, 2021

Exclusive: While women marched, the PM was doing factional deals

As questions grow about the government’s handling of both sexual assault claims and the vaccine rollout, Scott Morrison has been focused on shoring up his numbers.

ir April 3, 2021

Morrison’s new cabinet

Scott Morrison’s ministerial reshuffle included a few surprises, and not a small amount of controversy. Ultimately, though, the faces remain the same.

health April 3, 2021

The state of vaccinations

Australia has fallen short of its Covid-19 vaccination targets by millions of doses, but who is to blame? As the federal and state governments point fingers at each other, the nation waits for a vaccine rollout that has failed to deliver.

health April 3, 2021

Poverty and the end of JobKeeper

The federal government has reduced or removed the supports that helped millions of Australians survive the pandemic. JobKeeper’s end could cut 150,000 jobs and push millions into poverty, particularly women and children.