Government dismisses shootings on Manus Island

Martin McKenzie-Murray
With numerous shots fired at the Manus Island detention centre, the danger to detainees and Australian staff has become undeniable to all but the Australian government.

Killing the Great Barrier Reef

Mike Seccombe
As the Great Barrier Reef suffers record bleaching, Malcolm Turnbull courts a mining giant that will only hasten its death.

Housing affordability divides Turnbull and Morrison

Karen Middleton
Debate within the government about housing affordability underscores a rift between the prime minister and his treasurer.

Filming ‘Chauka’ at Manus Island's detention facilities

Martin McKenzie-Murray
A collaboration between a journalist held on Manus Island and a filmmaker in Holland shows life in detention in all its stark monotony.

Business takes lead on climate disasters

Karen Middleton
In the wake of cyclone Debbie, the insurance and banking industries are pushing for better mitigation measures, while the federal government lags behind.

Dispute over Heyfield logging deal pulls in senior cabinet

Karen Middleton
The impending closure of Heyfield sawmill has pitted senior federal ministers against each other, a premier, farmers and conservationists.

Renewables and South Australia’s power policy

Max Opray
The outcome of the South Australian government’s bold energy policy could be key to the future of renewable energy throughout the nation.

One Nation’s business model questioned after WA election failure

Karen Middleton
As the fallout continues from Pauline Hanson’s WA state election campaign, claims emerge of a party run as a pyramid scheme.

Cleaning up the Environmental Protection Authority

Chris Woods
Sweeping reforms to Victoria’s EPA are set to shift its focus from response to prevention, and restore the faith of communities at risk from contaminants.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

The truth about house prices

Mike Seccombe
The crisis in housing affordability traces back to John Howard’s actions half a century ago and the lack of political will since.

Inside President Trump’s Camelot

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As Donald Trump’s administration marks 50 days in office, the scenes from his White House become yet more narcissistic and bizarre.

Criminalising the homeless of Melbourne’s CBD

Roj Amedi
Rough sleepers have been moved on from Melbourne’s city streets, but without a long-term assistance strategy, how can they rebuild their lives?

Charting the war on young people

Mike Seccombe
A suite of policy settings, from wage cuts to unaffordable education, shows the government turning its back on a generation.

Senior Liberals caution Malcolm Turnbull on style

Karen Middleton
As Turnbull’s supporters become anxious about an absence of narrative and clear advice, his problems are greater than a vengeful Tony Abbott.

Gonski funding under threat despite positive outcomes

Jane Caro
As the federal government shies away from the full funding of Gonski, the successes of the model are becoming clearer.

Hazara refugee Nabi Zaher’s citizenship fight

Abdul Karim Hekmat
The case of a Hazara refugee whose Australian citizenship was arbitrarily delayed and vexatiously questioned serves to highlight the Department of Immigration’s continued administrative bungling.

Inside the sick, sad world of the Q Society and the Australian Liberty Alliance

Mike Seccombe
In the wake of their controversial fundraising dinners, the Q Society explain their roots and their paranoid vision of Australia’s future.

Foreign policy in the age of Trump

Karen Middleton
As Julie Bishop completes her first meetings with Trump’s key advisers, the alliance appears strengthened by Malcolm Turnbull’s heated phone call.

Malcolm Turnbull’s switch on power sources

Mike Seccombe
The further Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gets into defending the Coalition’s climate change policy, the clearer it becomes that he is living two lives.

Disability Employment Services causing heartache

While the government claims to offer expert employment support to those with a disability or health condition, the flawed system is being abused, much to the detriment of the job seekers’ dignity and self-confidence.

Changes to citizenship to also reopen debate on Australian identity

Karen Middleton
With the government preparing security-driven changes to citizenship, it is also readying to kickstart a new debate on Australian values.

Federal cuts to family violence reform funding

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Barely two years on from strong government responses to family violence, driven by Rosie Batty, federal funding cuts to front-line services threaten to place more women and children than ever in jeopardy.

Making sense of Hanson, Bernardi and the New Right

Karen Middleton
Cory Bernardi’s split to form a conservative party, and the resurgence of One Nation, provides the major parties with a genuine threat from the right.

Environmental concerns for Timor-Leste cement project

James Norman
While plans to build a major cement project in Timor-Leste have brought the welcome promise of jobs for local people, the environmental and social costs could be catastrophic.