immigration   December 2, 2023

Rushed citizenship laws ask judges to define ‘Australian values’

New citizenship laws being rushed through parliament will require judges to define ‘Australian values’ and ask them to impose what critics call a ‘civil death penalty’.

law & crime   November 18, 2023

A serious flaw in the robodebt response

The attorney-general has ignored a ‘lynchpin’ recommendation of the robodebt royal commission, claiming it is not a recommendation at all.

international relations   November 4, 2023

What awaits Albanese in China

The prime minister’s visit to China is hoped to repair broken trade and economic ties but he must walk a fine line on humanitarian and security issues.

international relations   October 28, 2023

Labor’s re-engagement with China

Preparations are under way in China for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit, but optimism for a restoration of ties is clouded by concerns about Australia’s policy alignment with the US.

indigenous affairs   October 21, 2023

The key failures of the ‘Yes’ campaign

With the Voice referendum ending in a ‘No’ vote, does its failure lie in a divided country or with the overestimation of a prime minister who loves to note he has been underestimated?

politics   July 8, 2023

Is Barnaby Joyce after the leadership again?

The former Nationals leader is unfazed by polling showing he’s a serious liability in key Liberal electorates, as more reports surface of an internal revolt against Littleproud.

law & crime   July 8, 2023

The NACC is about vigilance

When former independent member for Indi Cathy McGowan introduced her bill in November 2018 to create a national integrity commission, then prime minister Scott Morrison dismissed it as a “fringe issue”. Less than three weeks later, he would unveil...

law & crime   July 7, 2023

Robo-debt royal commission ends in criminal referrals

The robo-debt royal commission has found the scheme was sustained by ‘venality, incompetence and cowardice’.

economy   July 1, 2023

Tony Burke on his plans to reform the gig economy

As minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Tony Burke has made it his mission this year to fix the inequity of the gig economy.

law & crime   July 1, 2023

What the Berejiklian case says about ‘corrupt’ spending

The ICAC inquiry’s findings of corruption by the former NSW premier stop short of advocating criminal charges, but raise questions as to how pork-barrelling should be dealt with.

law & crime   July 1, 2023

Inside the Stuart Robert file

An explosive submission details allegations of corruption against Stuart Robert, which the former minister strongly denies.