World December 2, 2023

The rise of Hamas military leader Yahya Sinwar

Ukraine struggling for recruits. New Zealand PM sets his priorities. Far-right leader firms in Netherlands.

Immigration December 2, 2023

Rushed citizenship laws ask judges to define ‘Australian values’

New citizenship laws being rushed through parliament will require judges to define ‘Australian values’ and ask them to impose what critics call a ‘civil death penalty’.

Environment December 2, 2023

Murray–Darling plan wrenched across the line

Labor has wrested support for its legislation to save the Murray–Darling Basin with concessions to the Greens and independent senators, but the plan’s heavy reliance on water buybacks will do little to appease farmers and state governments.

International Relations December 2, 2023

Inside the COP28 talks

In light of Australia’s bid to host the 2026 COP, extra pressure will fall on Chris Bowen and his delegation at this year’s conference to prove the nation’s commitment to mitigating climate change.

Immigration December 2, 2023

Refugees caught up in dentist accreditation

Despite a national shortage of dentists, the process for migrants to have their qualifications recognised here is slow and expensive – and affects a significant number of refugees.

Law & Crime December 2, 2023

‘You didn’t look nervous, Mr Lehrmann. You look very keen to tell a lie...’

Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network Ten has been defined by an inability to recall key details and testimony that is contradicted by other evidence.

Law & Crime November 25, 2023

NDIS regulator faces fresh allegations

As minister Bill Shorten prepares to release the findings from a sweeping review of the NDIS, the head of its regulator faces allegations she was aware or should have been aware of abuse exposed by the media.

Law & Crime November 25, 2023

Mark Dreyfus pushes secrecy law changes

In an interview with The Saturday Paper, the attorney-general explains his overhaul of national secrecy laws to limit their use, amid concerns about exceptions for information that could prejudice the ‘effective working of government’.

Media November 25, 2023

Rupert Murdoch’s last AGM stand

As Rupert Murdoch’s reign formally ends, it has become clear that the political power he once enjoyed has been lost to figures like Donald Trump.

Education November 25, 2023

Exclusive: Less than half Albanese’s cabinet went to state schools

As figures reveal public schools are underfunded by more than $6 billion a year, unpublished research shows politicians are twice as likely as the general public to be privately educated.

News November 25, 2023

Four-day ceasefire agreed in Israel–Hamas war

A truce in the Israel–Hamas war will allow a pause in fighting and the release of hostages, although if fighting recommences the ground offensive may spread to southern Gaza.

World November 25, 2023

Far-right ‘anarcho-capitalist’ wins Argentine presidency

Death toll soars in Ukraine. Chinese sonar incident injures Australian divers. Genocide fears in Sudan.