Politics May 28, 2022

Week one: Albanese seeks to build Hawke-like consensus

Anthony Albanese’s first phone calls as prime minister reveal a man keen to rebuild the parliament and implement an ambitious agenda.

Politics May 28, 2022

Coalition loss: ‘The transphobe thing was an absolute disaster’

Interviews with more than a dozen senior Liberals show how Scott Morrison’s belief in his own ‘genius’ and self-image as a ‘master strategist’ cost the party government.

World May 28, 2022

Albanese pledges climate action at Quad summit

New government ponders China relationship. Penny Wong’s message to Pacific Islands. Labor signals a pivot to South-East Asia.

Immigration May 28, 2022

Claims Coalition colluded in election day boat arrival

The timing of a report that an asylum-seeker boat had been intercepted on its way to Australia has led to claims of manipulation and concerns over the Coalition’s links to the Sri Lankan government.

Politics May 28, 2022

Adam Bandt on how the Greens triumphed

Following unprecedented success in the house and the senate, Adam Bandt explains how the Greens orchestrated their strongest result with a campaign that stretched from doorknocking and community gardens to Grindr and ‘the chaos of the internet’.

IR May 28, 2022

Labor urged to act to prevent Julian Assange extradition

With a final decision on Julian Assange’s extradition to the US due in coming days, the fate of the WikiLeaks founder could be largely in the hands of Australia’s new prime minister.

Politics May 21, 2022

Election ’22: What will happen in the senate?

With several wildcards expected, the senate’s next crossbench will be instrumental for whoever forms government.

Health May 21, 2022

Testimony at the disability royal commission

The disability royal commission this week heard powerful testimony about a neglectful and mercenary approach to care at one of Australia’s longest-serving providers.

World May 21, 2022

Finland and Sweden apply for NATO membership

New Zealand trials help for lower-income families to get electric vehicles. North Korea in lockdown as Covid-19 cases grow. US Treasury calls for regulation of volatile cryptocurrencies.

Religion May 21, 2022

The Hillsong emails

Leaked emails show how the Houston family responded to the scandal that may have ended their reign at the top of the Hillsong megachurch.

Politics May 21, 2022

Can Scott Morrison pull off another ‘miracle’ win?

In the final week of the campaign, Scott Morrison is relentlessly on message. He is focused on housing and older voters, following a playbook almost identical to the one he used in 2019.

Politics May 21, 2022

Election ’22: Your guide to the key seats

The Coalition will lose government if it drops just one seat. Labor needs to win eight. Here is an essential guide to the electorates in close contention.