World January 29, 2022

Russian troop numbers build on Ukraine’s border

Australian aid to Tonga hampered by Covid-19 on navy ship. The military stages Burkina Faso’s eighth coup. Children of foreign nationals being used as human shields in Syrian prison, warns Save the Children.

Health January 29, 2022

Hospital plan: ‘Try very hard to avoid getting Covid until March’

In October, the government made a new plan for hospitals – but it was never updated and one of the key drugs it was based on still hasn’t arrived.

Politics January 29, 2022

Strategists believe the election will be won on character

Pre-election advertising and strategy show both sides believe the campaign will be fought on the issue of  character.

Politics January 29, 2022

How independent Kate Chaney plans to win Curtin

The scion of one of Perth’s most powerful families, Kate Chaney is the independent candidate who may yet take Curtin back from the Liberal Party.

Indigenous Affairs January 29, 2022

Inside Roebourne, Australia’s hottest prison

In a boiling prison in WA, there is airconditioning in the guards’ toilets but not in the cells. After a 50.5 degree day this month, former prisoners warn someone will die from the heat.

Religion January 29, 2022

Why Morrison refuses to drop the religious discrimination bill

Two parliamentary inquiries into Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s religious freedom legislation are under way, with many, including Liberal Party supporters, wondering why the divisive bill has not been scrapped.

Health January 22, 2022

The sweetheart deal that caused testing to collapse

A deal that allowed private pathology labs to claim government rebates up to 20 times for one procedure has contributed to the startling collapse of the testing system.

Health January 22, 2022

Tracing the ‘nightmare’ reality of the shadow lockdown

As supply chains collapse, government policies have created a situation where as much as 40 per cent of the trucking and freight workforce has Covid-19.

IR January 22, 2022

The unfolding of disaster in Tonga

With a sonic boom heard in Alaska, Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai erupted near Tonga on Saturday, causing a tsunami and spreading ash across the Pacific Islands and cutting off communications.

IR January 22, 2022

The unfettered power of Australia’s new ‘Magnitsky Act’

A new law, modelled on a controversial American act, gives the Foreign Affairs minister extraordinary powers to impose travel bans and financial sanctions on foreigners.

Health January 22, 2022

WA’s health system is falling apart even without Covid-19

Western Australia’s plan to reopen its border to the rest of Australia was pushed back late this week, amid warnings of a coming catastrophe in the country’s worst health system.

World January 22, 2022

Saudi coalition retaliates after Houthi attacks on Abu Dhabi

Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama is revealed to have had heart surgery in Melbourne. The United Nations expresses concern at rising nationalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jailed Yang Hengjun says China tortured him.