World February 24, 2024

Pressure mounts on Israel to abandon Rafah invasion plan

Fifty dead in PNG tribal clashes. Yulia Navalnaya vows to continue husband’s work. Haitian president’s widow accused of murder plot.

Law & Crime February 24, 2024

The legal battle for freedom of information

A legal fight to speed up responses to freedom of information requests could set a precedent to stop governments starving key public services of funding.

Environment February 24, 2024

Plibersek sidelined over gas project approvals

Hidden in legislation is a plan to give Resources Minister Madeleine King power to approve gas projects – taking the oversight away from Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek.

Defence February 24, 2024

Labor’s disastrous navy plans

ANALYSIS: The government’s changes to the navy’s surface fleet solve nothing and leave the country with inappropriate, expensive and oversized ships – all for the sake of winning votes in two states.

Law & Crime February 24, 2024

Assange’s last stand at British High Court

Supporters of Julian Assange gathered outside a London court this week hoping for the WikiLeaks founder’s freedom, but the fate of the ‘world’s most famous political prisoner’ remains in the balance.

News February 24, 2024

Labor’s grants revive pork-barrelling criticism

Years after the Coalition’s ‘sports rorts’, Labor is now accused of favouring key seats in its awarding of grants – and a private member’s bill aims to bring integrity to the application process.

Immigration February 24, 2024

No, Peter, there is not a flotilla of boats coming

For the past week Peter Dutton has repeatedly lied about funding cuts to border protection, with some experts warning his rhetoric has created a pull factor for people smugglers.

Asia Pacific February 17, 2024

Inside Prabowo’s rise to power

A change of attitude has helped propel Indonesia’s new president to the nation’s top job – but will he be able to maintain it now he has the role he coveted for 20 years?

Law & Crime February 17, 2024

Could Janet Albrechtsen have swayed Walter Sofronoff?

The civil case brought by former ACT director of public prosecutions Shane Drumgold has probed the extensive communications between The Australian and the head of the inquiry into his handling of the Bruce Lehrmann trial.

Politics February 17, 2024

The problem with Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce’s drunken behaviour has opened a rift in the Coalition, with plans being made to replace him in New England. Ultimately, however, he is too powerful a figure in the party to be disciplined.

Environment February 17, 2024

Exclusive: Plibersek intervenes after BoM executives lie to court

The handling of an unfair dismissal case has again exposed concern about the running of the Bureau of Meteorology, which continues to fail its international obligations and miss other targets.

Immigration February 17, 2024

Money for PNG asylum seekers vanishes amid corruption scandal

The government has not been able to account for $80 million paid to support asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea, as advocates reveal financial assistance stopped months ago.