Health July 2, 2022

The next coronavirus variant is already here

New research shows the latest Omicron strains are more able to infect people who have been vaccinated, and multiple infections can cause future serious illness.

Economy July 2, 2022

Reserve Bank: ‘If you know about monetary policy, you’re disqualified’

As a review is set to begin into the Reserve Bank of Australia, questions are being asked about its opaque operations and the absence of qualifications on its board.

Law & Crime July 2, 2022

Inside the police crackdown on Blockade Australia

As Blockade Australia concludes a week of climate protests in Sydney, police are using extraordinary tactics against the group, arresting and rearresting dozens of people.

Economy July 2, 2022

Profits up, wages down in today’s Australia

As Australia attempts to control inflation, it is ignoring the impacts of monopoly ownership and price gouging.

IR July 2, 2022

Papua New Guinea’s election challenges

On the election trail in Papua New Guinea, political campaigns are awash with money and guns but reformers are trying to turn the tide against corruption.

World July 2, 2022

NATO places 260,000 more troops on high alert

US creates a five-nation group to strengthen ties with Pacific Islands. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis deepens. Impact of the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Politics June 25, 2022

The Peter Dutton principle

While it is still early days, it is becoming clear that the Coalition and their media sycophants didn’t believe they would lose the election. They seem unprepared to move on. Beyond the immediate disappointment – both individually, for those who …

World June 25, 2022

China, India step in to buy Russian oil refused by Europe

Kiribati’s lack of rain ‘a disaster’. Hundreds dead in Ethiopian massacre. Brazil’s brave land defenders murdered.

Immigration June 25, 2022

The last-ditch attempt to deport the Biloela family

Days before the federal election, the Morrison government sent an unexpected letter to the Nadesalingam family, threatening to bar any further bridging visas.

Health June 25, 2022

The fight for NDIS support

Kate, 17, was taken to hospital for surgery to improve her life. It has led to a months-long battle with the hospital and the NDIS for a dramatically increased support plan.

Politics June 25, 2022

Exclusive: Morrison’s late change to ministerial standards

In one of his last acts as prime minister, Scott Morrison amended the ministerial standards to finally deal with sexual assault and harassment.

Resources June 25, 2022

Energy crisis: The truth behind the price surge

The near collapse of the east coast energy market has its roots in decades of political appeasement directed at fossil fuel interests.