IR August 13, 2022

‘No room for compromise’: China draws line on Taiwan

A speech by the Chinese ambassador to Australia has given the clearest vision yet of the country’s approach to conflict in the region.

Politics August 13, 2022

Front row seats at the Barilaro ‘shitshow’

After a week of extraordinary testimony, former deputy premier John Barilaro argues he is the ‘unluckiest’ man in New South Wales.

Economy August 13, 2022

How ‘tax bludgers’ are ripping off their fellow Australians

The gender pay gap is alive and well and ‘tax bludgers’ are thriving in Australia, as the latest figures show scores of millionaires paid nothing on their income.

World August 13, 2022

FBI raid of Trump’s Florida home sparks Republican fury

Nuclear power plant in Ukraine under threat. James Marape wins election in Papua New Guinea. Fragile truce for Israel and Gaza. 

Indigenous Affairs August 13, 2022

Labor’s reforms return the cashless card to its racist roots

As Labor abolishes the cashless debit card, it has retained the racialised BasicsCard that overwhelmingly targets First Nations people.

Economy August 13, 2022

Where Australia is going wrong on the economy

Contradictory forces in the economy are creating confusion, with the Reserve Bank’s limited answer to inflation ultimately harming workers.

Indigenous Affairs August 6, 2022

Victoria’s Indigenous legal service forced to turn away clients

In a move that highlights a critical shortage of funding, Victoria’s only legal service for First Nations communities has been forced to implement a freeze on new clients.

South and central Asia August 6, 2022

Exclusive: DFAT told Afghans to travel without passports

Almost a year after the Taliban seized Kabul, Afghans who worked for Australia are being told to cross the border into Pakistan, some without documentation, without their families and at great risk.

Law & Crime August 6, 2022

‘Damaging to democracy’: The secret trial of  Witness J

New details have emerged in the prosecution of Witness J, who was secretly jailed for sharing classified information.

Defence August 6, 2022

Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?

As experts question the diplomatic, strategic and economic rationale behind Australia’s purchase of nuclear-powered submarines, the gaps in the country’s defensive fleet could be filled by conventional subs.

World August 6, 2022

Beijing warns of backlash over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

New government forming in Papua New Guinea. Violent protests in Democratic Republic of Congo over peacekeeper ineffectiveness. US assassinates senior al-Qaeda leader in Kabul. 

Education August 6, 2022

Exclusive: Private schools win millions in disability funding

Disabled students in public schools are missing out on $600 million a year, because of onerous and unfair funding arrangements.