News October 14, 2017

The gun nuts in our parliament

While Australian gun laws are lauded as the world’s most stringent, fringe political parties and lobbyists are doing their best to erode them.

News October 14, 2017

Housing affordability and tenancy laws

An upcoming Victorian byelection promises to have important implications for housing affordability nationwide.

News October 14, 2017

The ‘No’ case in Chinese media

Chinese Australians are seeing advertising from the Coalition for Marriage but the community’s conservative media are declining to publish views supporting same-sex marriage.

News October 14, 2017

Abbott looks to Pell on energy policy

In condemning action on climate change as killing ‘goats to appease the volcano gods’, Tony Abbott was paraphrasing an earlier speech by his confessor, Cardinal George Pell.

News October 14, 2017

Law and ordeal

Attending the manslaughter hearing considered the test case for Victoria’s ‘one-punch’ laws provides a glimpse of how our legal system can fail to deliver the closure sought by all involved.

News October 7, 2017

Mick Dodson on fixing the constitution

The director of the ANU National Centre for Indigenous Studies, Professor Mick Dodson, talks about why recognition should be secondary to ridding the constitution of racist powers.

News October 7, 2017

Failures of Towards Healing

An abuse survivor who testified to the royal commission about her treatment at a Catholic school recounts the experience of submitting to the church’s Towards Healing protocol, and the unfeeling homily offered to her by the bishop now responsible.

News October 7, 2017

Murdoch’s failure to launch Fox here

With the collapse of Murdoch’s takeover plan for Ten, something else ended: the designs for his Sky roster to take a de facto Fox News to the mainstream.

News October 7, 2017

Trump and Tillerson diverge on North Korea

As Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson diverge on rhetoric, the United States strategy on North Korea becomes clearer.

News October 7, 2017

Andrew Forrest’s good intentions

While Andrew Forrest campaigns to save Australians from smoking-related cancers or the world from slavery, his company’s practices tell a less benevolent story.

News October 7, 2017

Hanson gunning for Queensland

Two weeks ago, before the horror of the Las Vegas massacre, Pauline Hanson took a camera to a Sunshine Coast shooting range. There she was, having “the best day I’ve had for about 20 years” target shooting with two handguns, firing one …

News September 30, 2017

The money case for gay marriage

Legislation for same-sex marriage overseas provides a series of natural experiments on social, economic and personal benefits.