News January 23, 2021

Tech giants and regulating social media

As debate rages internationally over the question of whether the social media giants can self-regulate, Australia’s attempt to force big tech to share revenue with media companies is meeting intense pushback from Google, Facebook and the US government.

News January 23, 2021

The Biden era begins, but the shadow of Trump remains

With his inauguration this week, America’s 46th president has vowed to heal the US. But Joe Biden inherits a country more paranoid and polarised than ever.

News January 23, 2021

Sailors caught in Australia–China trade war

China’s escalating trade war with Australia has left dozens of coal carriers stranded at sea for months, their international crew trapped in distressing conditions. So who is responsible for the seafarers’ welfare?

News January 23, 2021

Political donations and the resources sector’s influence

The fossil fuel industry’s outsized influence on Australian politics is confirmed by a new report, which tracks the millions of dollars spent by the sector in political donations over the past two decades.

News January 23, 2021

The inequalities of grand slam tennis

The Australian Open is shaping up to be a very different tournament in 2021, with dozens of competitors forced into strict hotel quarantine. While some players have taken to social media to vent their frustration, others say the move has only widened a gulf that has always existed between tennis’s stars and the rank and file.

News January 23, 2021

Did Australia put its money on the wrong vaccines?

As the realities of Australia’s vaccine choices set in, tensions are rising with the states and territories over the program’s rollout.

News December 19, 2020

fire moves faster

From the trauma of a burning nation, to the desperation of Covid-19, to the united voices of the Black Lives Matter protests, this year called for resilience like few before it.

News December 19, 2020

Fracking on Country in the NT

As a senate inquiry launches a scathing critique of the legislative failures that led to the destruction of the Juukan Gorge caves, traditional owners in the Northern Territory are fighting a fracking project that threatens water sources and sacred sites.

News December 19, 2020

Morrison, Albanese get ready for 2021

As Australia enters what may be an election year, Scott Morrison’s approval is high rather than solid, while Anthony Albanese has strategy rather than tactics.

News December 19, 2020

Trade war: Can the China relationship be salvaged?

As Australia takes the serious step of referring its top trading partner to the World Trade Organization, China watchers wonder whether a truce is now impossible.

News December 19, 2020

Covid-19 saved Morrison, but climate is the real test

Having outperformed the world in containing coronavirus, Australia’s lack of action on climate change will precipitate a much greater crisis.

News December 12, 2020

Australians stranded in Ethiopia

Australians are desperate to be repatriated from Ethiopia as armed conflict between the government and separatists escalates in the country’s Tigray province, cutting off access to basic supplies, transport and the internet.