education September 26, 2020

Coalition to cut $2 billion a year from university research

New analysis reveals the government intends to cut billions of dollars from university research, while reannouncing funds from elsewhere in the budget.

health September 26, 2020

Exclusive: New Covid-19 cases among staff in hotel quarantine

A leaked government document shows more staff in Victoria’s quarantine hotels have tested positive for Covid-19, even after an overhaul of the entire system.

rural September 26, 2020

NSW Nationals over a Barilaro

On everything from policies regarding water capture to koalas, the NSW Nationals – led by the controversial John Barilaro – are fast losing popularity with their rusted-on constituents and the support of their own party members.

health September 19, 2020

Confidential document reveals healthcare outbreaks

Exclusive: A leaked government database shows hospital transmission is key to Victoria’s recent Covid-19 cases, as new concerns are raised about access to protective equipment.

environment September 19, 2020

Gas plan locks in decades of high emissions, experts warn

While the prime minister’s newly announced gas funding is politically useful – soothing the Coalition backbench and wedging Labor – it will imperil Australia’s climate targets.

economy August 29, 2020

Exclusive: Jobactive virus kickbacks top $500 million

Government policies have seen the ‘unemployment industry’ paid millions during the pandemic, while jobless rates soar.

politics August 29, 2020

How branch stacking drags policy to the right

Another branch stacking scandal shows the practice is not just about numbers: in both parties, it is about furthering conservative agendas.

health August 29, 2020

NSW Health rebukes feds on aged care

The state’s criticisms echo those levelled by Victoria and the royal commission.

resources August 22, 2020

Hopes of a gas boom fizzle

While the government continues to push for a gas-led recovery from the coronavirus-induced recession, the ACCC has another message – that Australia pays far too much for domestic gas.

environment August 22, 2020

Govt ignores health risks of climate change

The government has been asked repeatedly to develop a plan to address the health risks associated with climate change, so why is nothing being done?

health August 22, 2020

Federal government holds back vital Covid-19 spread data

As the coronavirus crisis in aged care worsens, the federal government is withholding key information and denying it is responsible for surge staff in nursing homes.