religion July 22, 2017

How the church is splitting the Liberal Party

Just as BA Santamaria’s forces once split the Labor Party, hardline Catholics are again threatening to divide politics – this time on the conservative side.

religion July 8, 2017

The people defending Cardinal George Pell

The criminal charges brought against George Pell have seen his defenders come to the fore.

religion March 18, 2017

Exclusive: How the church forced me to relive my abuse

Having testified at the royal commission and for a police investigation, a victim of abuse endures another cycle of doubt from the church.

south and central asia May 13, 2017

Deradicalising Indonesian terrorists

Amir Abdillah helped kill and maim dozens of people but the now-free convicted terrorist says he’s done waging holy war. With many fellow jihadists being released from jail, the spotlight is on efforts to deradicalise them.

religion November 5, 2016

George Pell evidence rejected in royal commission counsel submissions

Newly published counsel to the child abuse royal commission rejects Cardinal George Pell’s evidence regarding known church abusers.

religion August 13, 2016

Who audits the Big Four auditors?

While some thought the suspension of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ audit of the Vatican a blow for church transparency, it is the Big Four accounting firms themselves that remain hypocritically inscrutable.

religion July 2, 2016

The Australian Christian Lobby’s bid for influence

The Australian Christian Lobby has a high profile as a religious organisation seeking to influence government policy, but are its claims of intolerance and censorship a sign it realises it is out of step with a secular society?

religion May 7, 2016

Australian Jew’s fight against the Catholic Church in Poland

For many years a Melbourne Jewish doctor has been fighting assiduously to prove the Catholic Church in Poland willingly participated in a scam to steal her forebears’ land. Finally, justice has been served.

religion March 26, 2016

Love Makes a Way members sit down and speak up

A group of multi-denominational Christians are undergoing training in nonviolent direct action as they pray for changes to asylum-seeker policy.

religion March 5, 2016

Cardinal George Pell’s royal commission testimony

The remarkable part of George Pell’s royal commission testimony is not its insensitivity but what it asks people to believe.

religion December 5, 2015

Testifying against child sexual abuse at royal commission

The latest round of royal commission hearings bear witness to despicable cover-ups and blatant disregard for victims.