religion   September 23, 2023

The Australian pastor swaying US politics

An Australian pastor leading an evangelical church in Iowa has become an unexpected kingmaker in Republican presidential politics.

religion   September 2, 2023

Defence ostracised chaplain over abuse claims

A military chaplain, who was indecently assaulted by a colleague, was pressured not to complain by another senior chaplain, who is now serving the royal commission where she is giving evidence.

religion   March 18, 2023

‘Fraud, money laundering’: Inside the Hillsong papers

A cache of leaked financial documents alleges staggering misconduct and outrageous spending at the Australian megachurch.

religion   February 11, 2023

The painful legacy of Peter Hollingworth

While the Anglican Church decides whether to defrock the disgraced former governor-general over allegations related to sexual abuse, the parliament will consider a bill to scrap his $600,000-a-year package.

religion   February 4, 2023

Cardinal George Pell’s sendoff

George Pell, lauded at his funeral this week, was the subject of 10 abuse claims at the royal commission.

religion   January 21, 2023

How Cardinal George Pell seduced News Corp

George Pell spent decades cultivating the Murdoch press, duchessing editors and senior journalists. The impacts of that political manoeuvring are clear in the coverage since his death.

religion   January 14, 2023

The child abuse cases for which George Pell was never tried

Cardinal George Pell died this week in Rome having been acquitted by the High Court on child sexual abuse charges but without ever facing court over multiple other allegations.

religion   December 10, 2022

The trial of Hillsong founder Brian Houston

As Brian Houston faces charges of concealing his father’s sexual abuse of a young boy, a witness claims the Hillsong founder told her he’d been advised Frank Houston ‘would surely be incarcerated for the crime’ if the case went to court.

religion   July 9, 2022

Former Hillsong members detail PTSD from ‘abusive cult’

As Hillsong continues to face internal struggles, former members talk about the trauma they suffered in the church and the post-traumatic stress they have dealt with since.

religion   May 21, 2022

The Hillsong emails

Leaked emails show how the Houston family responded to the scandal that may have ended their reign at the top of the Hillsong megachurch.

religion   April 16, 2022

Hillsong after the Houstons

With founder Brian Houston resigning from Hillsong amid scandal and allegations, and his wife, Bobbie, being pushed out, the global megachurch is now facing its own day of reckoning.