resources October 23, 2021

The three-point plan Morrison needs to halve 2030 emissions

For all the noise surrounding Scott Morrison’s supposed shift on climate targets, his changes are actually insignificant. But there is a straightforward, three-point path to cut Australia’s emissions by 2030 – if only there were the political will.

rural October 16, 2021

Exclusive: Government documents reveal Indigenous infection rates

Leaked documents show Covid-19 infections among Indigenous people are almost double the national average.

rural October 2, 2021

Exclusive: Australia’s most vulnerable ignored in plan to open up

A rush of government tenders to outsource Covid-19 responses shows who is most at risk as lockdowns end. The 20 per cent who will not be fully vaccinated when states begin to open are not anti-vaxxers but rather the most vulnerable.

resources September 4, 2021

Why your current car may be the last fossil-fuel vehicle you own

Australians are taking up electric vehicles in increasing numbers, but the country is still a long way behind Europe. Now states are offering incentives, and charging infrastructure is being planned, with price parity only a few years away.

resources August 21, 2021

Morrison ministers lobbied over Beetaloo Basin

The Morrison government has awarded $21 million to a fossil fuel company that helped draft the regulatory regime for the gas reserves it intends to exploit.

rural August 7, 2021

Bridget McKenzie and bushfire recovery grants

Questions remain about the allocation of bushfire relief funds after the Black Summer fires. But as new minister Bridget McKenzie takes over the programs, there is also increasing concern the money is being used for pork-barrelling.

rural July 24, 2021

China and the Australian wool industry

As relations with China remain strained, Australian wool exporters used the pandemic to shore up a market that takes 90 per cent of their product.

resources July 24, 2021

Welcome to the heat dome

A slow-moving heat dome is bringing record-breaking temperatures to the northern hemisphere. Climate scientists are alarmed by how bad it is – and what might follow in Australia.

resources July 17, 2021

Exclusive: How three men stopped China funding Adani

Bob Carr and Geoff Cousins led an unlikely coalition to block Chinese funding for Adani. Not a cent has flowed to the company since.

resources July 10, 2021

Exclusive: Frydenberg pushed AGL to sack boss

As AGL attempted to clean up its energy, Josh Frydenberg intervened to have its chief executive sacked. Now the company is de-merging to salvage its failing coal assets.

rural June 26, 2021

Stricter bail for NT youth

Of the two stories being told about youth crime in the Northern Territory, only one is supported by evidence. Increasingly, that’s not the story its government prefers.