Economics don't add up for rural relocation

Claire Connelly
While the deputy PM sees relocation to rural areas as a solution to poor housing affordability in capital cities, the risks are high without government support for infrastructure and planning.

Land grab to take farms for Singapore Army training base

Susan Chenery
A government proposal to compulsorily acquire farmland outside Townsville, to be leased to the Singapore Army for a training base, has local graziers gearing up for a fight.

Pauline Hanson’s plans to expand One Nation

Karen Middleton
She may be as much pilloried celebrity as politician, but when One Nation leader Pauline Hanson speaks, the disillusioned listen.

Exclusive: Toxic chemical conflict on Defence sites

Chris Ray
Consultants paid millions by Defence helped revise chemical safety standards that could shield the department from multiple compensation claims.

Measuring fugitive CSG emissions

Mick Daley
As coal seam gas is promoted as essential to Australia’s future energy needs, there is insufficient research being funded on the contribution to climate change of ‘fugitive emissions’ from gas mining.

Victoria’s duck-hunting season sparks controversy

Andrew Stafford
As duck numbers dwindle, the Victorian government’s decision to support this year’s hunting season has sparked claims the regulatory body is biased.

South Australia ponders nuclear waste options

Max Opray
The initial findings of a royal commission into the merits of South Australia becoming a hub for uranium mining and waste storage raised as many questions as they answered.

Migrating bat colonies wreak havoc in northern NSW

Susan Chenery
NSW Northern Rivers residents are losing sleep as their towns succumb to chattering, defecating flying foxes. But rather than moving on the colonies, is the better answer to adapt to their existence?

Shenhua’s Mongolia coalmining scandal highlights local fears

Mike Seccombe
International criticism hardens opponents of the Chinese coalmining giant’s plans for the Liverpool Plains, as governments roll over.

Arnhem Land’s Indigenous community alcohol bans

Clare Martin
For Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, alcohol bans are forcing drinkers to gather in antisocial and dangerous roadside camps.

Standing farm over Ashton Coal's Camberwell mine

Mick Daley
As debate rages about approval of the Shenhua coalmine on the Liverpool Plains, the latest mine expansion in the Hunter Valley has come up against an elderly farmer not inclined to make way.

Broken Hill’s water supply plans under threat

Charlotte King
It’s the biggest investment to secure a town’s water supply in the state’s history: half a billion dollars for Broken Hill and the parched far west of NSW. But as the dry spell deepens, the government will struggle delivering it.

Cheap land beyond city limits locked up by zoning

Megan Anderson
First-time property buyers look for affordable land beyond city limits, but find flood risk and prohibitive zoning regulations.

Fighting FIFO, the cancer of the bush

The battle to save the Leadbeater’s possum from logging

Michelle Slater
The average punter knows very little about logging in Victoria. Perhaps even fewer realise it could drive the state’s animal emblem out of existence.

Abetz still in the woods, fighting a lost war

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As Tasmania lags behind Australia, Eric Abetz is reigniting old battles.

Wild dogs wreak havoc for sheep farmers

Alana Rosenbaum

Wild dogs cost sheep farmers millions in slaughtered livestock. Meet a government dog trapper fighting back.

Liverpool Plains farms in miners' sights

Mick Daley
Generational farmers are preparing to stand their ground as BHP and China Shenhua Energy seek to mine coal in some of the nation’s richest agricultural land, on the NSW Liverpool Plains.

'Turnaround specialist' Bill Morrow's plan for the NBN

Kirsty Simpson
Controversy has dogged the NBN rollout, but a new deal with Telstra and a satellite strategy find boss Bill Morrow confident of speedy success.

The underground economy of fracking

Hamish McDonald
The US experience provides a glimpse of our potentially prosperous but unsettling future, if we let loose a gas and oil fracking boom.

Bentley and the brave new world of environmental activism

Jed Smith
At the Bentley blockade in northern NSW, the seeds are being sown for a new crop of public defiance.

Barry O'Sullivan replaces Barnaby Joyce in the senate

Sophie Morris
You can count on Queensland to keep federal parliament interesting. Meet the state's newest straight-talking senator and self-confessed trouble-maker.