rural   November 4, 2023

NT community’s win benefits all renters

A High Court victory for residents of a remote community who sued the Northern Territory government over the appalling condition of their rental properties has implications for renters with negligent landlords across the country.

rural   October 21, 2023

Red tape delays Black Summer rebuild

In some areas, barely 10 per cent of the homes lost in the Black Summer fires have been rebuilt due to struggles with development approvals, insurance shortfalls and labour and material shortages. Now another fire season looms.

rural   September 24, 2022

Stalemate over rural fire fleet

As fire season approaches, a dispute about who is financially responsible for almost $150 million worth of fire trucks is pitting state and local governments against each other, with the assets scattered across more than 100 councils.

resources   July 23, 2022

The Shooters Party’s fractured fight for the Murray–Darling

The NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has lost its only female MP in a battle over water management, prompting a three-way fight for the Murray–Darling Basin.

resources   May 7, 2022

How Nationals and lobbyists play the new climate wars

Unlikely foot soldiers are taking up the fight to hold onto coal in Hunter and throughout Queensland.

rural   May 7, 2022

Independent Suzie Holt’s fight for Groom

In the second-safest seat in the country, Queensland’s only ‘Voices’ candidate is pushing the LNP into fighting for the electorate.

rural   April 16, 2022

What is Lismore’s future after the floods?

As the people of Lismore attempt to rebuild following the second major flood this year, residents are divided over what to do next and whether to relocate the entire town.

rural   April 2, 2022

Lismore inundated again in ‘never-ending’ floods

As further floods tear through southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, communities are exhausted, devastated and searching for answers.

rural   March 12, 2022

Residents abandoned in epic floods

As extraordinary stories emerge of the rescue efforts in northern New South Wales, with hundreds of people saved, residents describe being completely abandoned by the federal government.

covid-19   December 4, 2021

Territory Covid-19 outbreaks highlight housing failures

Recent Covid-19 outbreaks have prompted Territorians to get vaccinated, but the cases tearing through Indigenous communities highlight broader inequalities – and the damage done by deliberate misinformation.

rural   November 27, 2021

The murder of a 10-year-old girl

The murder of a 10-year-old girl by her teenage cousin has stunned a small-town community and torn apart a family. It has also exposed a system where extreme mental health issues have not been adequately prioritised.