Reviewer: Jeff Sparrow

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Culture October 31, 2020

Living with the Anthropocene

“I can tell our stories. I can bear witness. But I have to be honest. Some days bearing witness doesn’t seem like enough.” That’s novelist and editor Sophie Cunningham in the essay collection Living with the Anthropocene. Her unease highlights …

Culture October 10, 2020

At the Edge of the Solid World

At the Edge of the Solid World begins with the death of a child and then gets much, much darker. As such, it’s not a book for everyone. But it’s a significant literary achievement, nonetheless. In the Swiss Alps, a teacher and his Australian-born …

Culture September 05, 2020

Just Money

If you’re already anxious about the post-pandemic economy, you may not want to read Just Money, Royce Kurmelovs’ genuinely terrifying picture of contemporary indebtedness. But you probably should, nonetheless. Even before Covid-19 maxed …