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Culture April 18, 2020

The Octopus and I

The Octopus and I opens with a short chapter in the voice of an octopus, heavily pregnant, attempting to cross the isthmus at Eaglehawk Neck, near Port Arthur. “My body is brimming is pulsing is purring is ready,” the octopus narrates, “… …

Culture February 08, 2020

The Bass Rock

The Bass Rock opens with a memory, or a dream, where six-year-old Vivianne, whose adult self is one of the narrators of the novel proper, discovers a woman’s body in a suitcase, washed up on the beach near her grandmother’s house. The memory …

Culture December 14, 2019

Incidental Inventions

Incidental Inventions collects 52 short essays written by the much-loved and famously reclusive Italian novelist Elena Ferrante for The Guardian over a year. Ferrante describes the project as “a collaboration” – having agreed to …

Culture September 07, 2019

Night Fishing

The protagonist of Night Fishing is a woman alone and contentedly in place – in this case, in an unassuming coastal town near Woy Woy, on the Central Coast of New South Wales. This may seem an unexpected setting for a book of essays, but the …

Culture August 17, 2019


Inland is a novel about many things: about the idea of home, about what drives us and what haunts us, about a world on the cusp of change. But above all, it is a book about secrets – those we keep from the people who know and love us best, …

Culture March 02, 2019

Room for a Stranger

Room for a Stranger is a story about an unlikely friendship, forged between two shy and reticent people from very different cultural and social contexts. There’s Meg, an elderly woman living in the same suburban home that she grew up in, alone …