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Culture December 07, 2019

Darkness for Light

Emma Viskic blazed onto the literary crime fiction scene in 2015 with the private investigator Caleb Zelic. The character of Caleb has been deaf since a childhood bout of meningitis from which he never fully recovered. In many ways the author works within …

Culture October 26, 2019

Cilka’s Journey

Cecilia (Cilka) Klein was a pivotal character in Heather Morris’s best-selling debut novel, The Tattooist of Auschwitz. The teenage Cilka was credited by Lale Sokolov – the ink artist of the first book – with saving his life, and Morris …

Culture August 24, 2019

Snake Island

Snake Island’s tone is established in the opening pages when a pelican gasping on the mudf lats is decapitated out of mercy. This uncompromising stance is sustained throughout as Ben Hobson delivers a novel drenched in blood. Darkly lit as …

book June 01, 2019

Sweatshop Women: Volume One

More than 20 women show off their work in this anthology from Sweatshop, a Western Sydney literacy movement that supports culturally and linguistically diverse writers. There is an unabashed political agenda at play in Sweatshop Women, with a …

Culture May 25, 2019

Australia Day

Every year, in the lead-up to January 26, the spill of media becomes overwhelming, with newsprint, sound bites, social media and talkback radio all debating the legitimacy of this contentious date. It is interesting to note that Stan Grant’s book is …