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News October 03, 2020

Jacqui Lambie’s stand on education

Jacqui Lambie has made clear she will vote against the Coalition’s controversial higher education reforms, but the government appears to be angling for Centre Alliance’s vote.

News September 26, 2020

Coalition to cut $2 billion a year from university research

New analysis reveals the government intends to cut billions of dollars from university research, while reannouncing funds from elsewhere in the budget.

News September 19, 2020

The collapse of aged care (part two)

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted two decades of aged-care mismanagement, but at the heart of the sector is a pyramid scheme that exposes the taxpayer to billions in liability.

News September 12, 2020

The collapse of aged care (part one)

As the royal commission prepares findings that will likely recommend a return to an earlier system of aged care, the crisis in the sector can be linked to Howard-era reforms that stoked greed and lowered care standards, and have been worsened by successive governments.

News August 29, 2020

Exclusive: Jobactive virus kickbacks top $500 million

Government policies have seen the ‘unemployment industry’ paid millions during the pandemic, while jobless rates soar.

News August 22, 2020

Federal government holds back vital Covid-19 spread data

As the coronavirus crisis in aged care worsens, the federal government is withholding key information and denying it is responsible for surge staff in nursing homes.

News August 15, 2020

The international search for a vaccine

As the world doubts Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine announcement, there have been promising developments in trials from China and Britain.

News August 15, 2020

Exclusive: The phone call that denied elderly patients access to hospital

Two months ago the government set its response for Covid-19 outbreaks in aged care – controversially, it was ‘about keeping the hospitals for the young’.

News August 08, 2020

What led to Victoria’s extraordinary shutdown

The Andrews government cannot identify any legislation it needed to override, but experts say that is the point.