Law & Crime August 28, 2021

Dhanya Mani
Remembering my lost friend Kate

It was a Saturday when I found out Kate was gone. I was about to pick up the phone to call her, because I had not heard from her during the week. Chelsey had texted to tell me we needed to talk. The first half of the conversation was a blur. Earlier …

Indigenous Affairs August 28, 2021

John Hewson
The politics of the greater good

It’s taken a long time but the concept of the “greater good” – the sense of a shared destiny, of shared interests, collective purpose, a common future – is finally returning to our politics. Largely this is the result of the need to build community …

Immigration August 21, 2021

Richard Denniss
Scott Morrison is stuck

Scott Morrison has an answer for everything and a solution for nothing. Like the neoliberalism of which his party was once so proud, he is all promise and no delivery. His press conferences have long been a masterclass in dictating the terms of debates, …

Economy August 21, 2021

John Hewson
The case for welfare reform

In recent weeks our governments have had a strong desire, in response to considerable political pressure, to be able to offer effective income support arrangements to compensate for the impact on workers of various health policy initiatives, such as lockdowns …

Economy August 7, 2021

Cassandra Goldie
The true story of Morrison’s tax cuts for the rich

Last week we learnt that regardless of which major party wins the federal election, tax cuts of $180 a week are locked in for the top 5 per cent of taxpayers. Following that revelation, it was rumoured that Labor would pay for the tax cuts by reducing …

Environment August 14, 2021

Kevin Rudd
The four stages of Sky News

Before the past couple of years, most Australians were either unaware of Sky News or considered it a bit of a joke. The consensus was that nobody watched it, and the people who did were out on the fringe. Anyone who maintains this today is simply not …

News July 23, 2021

Saul Eslake
Pop goes the rental

Australia is in the middle of a 30-year property bubble. It is a bubble inflated by government policy, and every time it looks as if it might burst, governments rush to blow it up further. All bubbles pop eventually, but few are maintained as carefully …

paul bongiorno

Health August 28, 2021

Will Morrison push for a November election?

The fictional Stone Age family of largely unremembered animated children’s film The Croods is the prime minister’s latest inspiration for a nation exhausted by lockdowns and living in fear of the Delta strain of Covid-19. Scott Morrison …

Health August 21, 2021

Always late to the rescue

The prime minister’s people went ballistic – much to the bemusement of the Queensland premier’s officials, who were involved in the planning of a special-purpose quarantine facility in Brisbane. The trigger for the shouted conversations down the …

Politics August 14, 2021

The madness of KingGee George

Scott Morrison is daring to dream. By Christmas, he wishes, the nightmare of 2021 will be substantially over and Australians will be able to confidently embrace the future with a wonderfully restored economy, living safe, vaccinated lives in a nation …


Editorial September 18, 2021

Losing to win

Morrison’s decision to enter a trilateral pact built around nuclear hardware is a horrifying miscalculation. It places Australia on the front line of any future war with China.

Editorial September 11, 2021

Looking backwards

The letter is very clear. It is addressed to Health Minister Greg Hunt and was sent by Pfizer on June 30 last year. Four days earlier, the company had begun correspondence with the Health Department.

Editorial September 4, 2021

Taking the money

One argument is a slippery slope. If the government asked business to pay back $13 billion in undeserved pandemic subsidies, it would look a lot like accountability. And if they were to ask for that of business, then what accountability might they have to ask of themselves?


Diary August 14, 2021

IPCC you

It seems there’s very little that humanity cannot achieve when we put our mind to it. In the past 100 years we’ve landed on the moon, created a global information superhighway, and crossbred poodles with every animal we could get our hands on. Our greatest achievement yet, however, may be the dedication we have shown to destroying our planet.

Diary August 7, 2021

Sky sees limits

It’s remarkably hard to get banned from YouTube. The platform hosts more than 500 hours of fresh videos a minute. That’s more content than even the most dedicated teenager in Sydney fighting lockdown boredom can watch in a lifetime. Almost all of that video – 720,000 hours’ worth a day – is of children unboxing toys or biting each other. The remainder is video of Alan Jones being sceptical about vaccines on Sky News.

Diary July 31, 2021

One out of the Boxall

We in Australia love gold more than a Saudi prince’s interior decorator. We’re the gold standard in botched vaccine rollouts and the gold standard in failing to suppress the Delta variant. Fortunately, we’re also the gold standard in women’s swimming at the Olympics, and the gold standard in enthusiastic coaches humping barrier walls. 


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Letters September 18, 2021

Top-down poor leadership

Paul Bongiorno is eloquent about Scott Morrison’s multifaceted failures of leadership, including his ongoing, appalling dismissal of women (“The secret life of Scott Morrison”, September 11-17). Does the PM really not get it or is he simply, as …

Letters September 11, 2021

Home truths

It is alarming that so many people with Covid-19 are receiving care under the New South Wales Hospital in the Home program (Rick Morton, “Exclusive: Covid-19 hospitalisations three times higher than reported”, September 4-10). In the 1990s, Hospital …

Letters September 4, 2021

Letting women speak

Dhanya Mani has penned an elegy of profound emotional strength, every word expressing the dignity and significance of the life of her friend and confidante (“Remembering Kate”, August 28–September 3). An academically gifted student who excelled …