Opinion November 9, 2019

Anthony Kelly
Brutality checks on activists

For those who have watched the evolution of public-order policing in Victoria over recent years, the sort of police violence we saw at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) protests in Melbourne would’ve come as no real surprise. Over …

Opinion October 26, 2019

Rosie Batty
Keeping children safe in the family law system

When I heard there was going to be another family law inquiry, I couldn’t believe it. After so much loss, so many hearings and so many experts warning, again and again, that the family law system is not safe for children. Instead of urgent action, …

Opinion October 26, 2019

Saeed Maasarwe
Aiia’s dream

I don’t know from where to start; how to speak the unspeakable? It is important for me to share my thoughts about the loss of my beautiful daughter, Aiia, but English is not my first language and I struggle to express my thoughts. To the people …

Opinion October 19, 2019

Nina Funnell
Me Too movement’s where to moment

In the flood of disclosures that followed revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long abuse of women, there was hope for change and reform. Hope that individuals and institutions would finally be held accountable for their role in perpetuating …

Opinion October 5, 2019

Matthew Evans
The need for sustainable farming

“Don’t eat beef,” screamed the headlines when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report on climate change and land. At least that’s what most of the media suggested. A damning report, it quickly …

Opinion October 12, 2019

Jamie Williams
I fought with the Kurds; they are not the enemy

First, I think I should introduce myself. My name is Jamie Williams. In 2014, I attempted to travel to Iraq and then on to Rojava, the Kurdish-controlled and ethnically Kurdish region of northern Syria. My plan was to volunteer for the Kurdish forces, …

Opinion October 5, 2019

Jane Gilmore
The untold stories of family violence

Domestic violence is the most important story in Australia. As Margaret Simons, associate professor of journalism at Monash University, has said, “The statistics alone tell us this is Australia’s biggest crime, health and human rights story. …

paul bongiorno

Opinion November 2, 2019

The Coalition’s surplus focus

Who else but that old master of political imagery Paul Keating could sum it all up so colourfully? The Australian economy is stagnant, and he says the Morrison government can’t do anything about it because the Liberal Party has a “surplus …

Opinion October 26, 2019

The shadowy corridors of power

A citizen’s right to know should be a motherhood statement in our liberal democracy, but too much vested interest gets in the way. Most essentially, the pursuit of power – and the holding on to it – is the primal force distorting the …

Opinion October 19, 2019

PM under the pump over drought and economy

For Scott Morrison, God obviously votes Liberal – that’s how he explains his “miraculous” win in May. His mother-in-law confirmed on election night the family had all been praying for the result they got. On Tuesday, at the National …


Opinion November 9, 2019

Everything is not okay

Labor’s campaign was flawed but its policies were right. Its failure came in acknowledging that the country needs to change. More than anything, Australians want a prime minister who covers for their shortcomings – who says not to worry, and that most of you will be okay.

Opinion November 2, 2019

The lie of resistance

In the ad, James McGrath says the Voice to Parliament is an attempt to “divide Australia … on the basis of race”. The Queensland senator maintains the lie that the Uluru Statement from the Heart proposes “a special chamber or a special voice”. He says: “We’re all equal, we’re all the same. This is just nuts.” The lie is not much different from the one Malcolm Turnbull told when he first rejected the proposal, or from the line Scott Morrison has run since.

Opinion October 26, 2019

Moot caught

Perhaps a better question is why is the Energy minister writing to a lord mayor about her air travel? Is this the state of climate policy in Australia – a schoolboy snipe about planes, using grotesquely distorted figures? You might ask where he gets the time, except it is obvious: he isn’t doing anything else. His portfolio is a joke to him, and his days are empty of responsibility. The climate changes without Angus Taylor.


Opinion November 9, 2019

Voters look back in anger

Here we are six months after the federal election and upon swaths of citizens it has dawned that they have bought tickets to a flop. If it’s cringeworthy now, imagine another two-and-a-half years of this clapped-out music-hall routine.

Opinion November 2, 2019

Lowering the Barr

The United States Department of Justice is set to launch a criminal investigation into itself and the events that precipitated the Mueller investigation into pro-Trump Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election. This inquiry has been ordered by Billy Barr-Barr, the attorney-general and flunkey-in-chief to ol’ Bone Spurs. It’s such a screwy time in Washington.

Opinion October 26, 2019

Protesters push their lock

It feels as though Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen is back in town, what with new anti-protest laws aimed at locking up Queenslanders who disturb the peace for decent Banana Benders. The Queensland Labor regime has thrown in its lot with the hewers of coal and burners of fossils – with climate taking the hindmost.


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Opinion November 9, 2019

Bailing out water

The more we hear about the problem of managing water rights in the Murray–Darling system, the more it sounds like a classic example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Karen Middleton’s report (“Former AFP chief eyes water officials”, …

Opinion November 2, 2019

The shadow of Big Peter

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s idea (Mike Seccombe, “Dutton’s plan for a surveillance state”, October 26–November 1) is a perverse plan for a society that prides itself on being a model, modern democracy. It’s …

Opinion October 26, 2019

Prayer service

Not so long ago, the prime minister sought to boot both his ministerial colleagues and their bureaucratic armies closer towards goalposts that would deliver fewer impediments and more solid, down-to-earth outcomes for those living in the real world. However, …