Opinion September 23, 2017

Kelly Glanney
Correcting the debate on gender identity

Two weeks in, I find myself punch-drunk and utterly perplexed. As a transgender advocate who has spent more than 25 years working to expand the legal and cultural recognition of universal human rights and to demystify gender diversity more generally, …

Opinion September 16, 2017

Jane Caro
Women’s entrappings of high office

The popular chant at Donald Trump’s election rallies was, invariably, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” So popular, in fact, it continues at his post-election rallies, now that he is United States president. The woman they want to lock up, …

Opinion September 9, 2017

Richard Cooke
Australia chases America’s decline

Have you noticed how the term “alarmist” only ever gets applied to climate science, and never economics? Make persistent, incorrect claims about fiscal apocalypse, and that’s just prudential. Government debt? The road to Greece. Reforming …

Opinion September 2, 2017

Bob Brown
Malcolm Turnbull caves in to Tasmanian loggers

Last weekend, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew to Launceston for the Tasmanian Liberals’ yearly conference. Accompanied by Premier Will Hodgman, Turnbull’s first stop was the timber yard of logging company Neville-Smith Forest Products, …

Opinion August 19, 2017

Richard Cooke
Rewarding the politics of failure

“In crisis” is a relative term this week. America is deciding if its racial unrest will be the 1960 version or the 1860 version, so it’s hard to feel too het up about Barnaby Joyce. Still, the soft collapse of the Turnbull government …

Opinion August 26, 2017

Eva Cox
Cashless welfare unsuccessful and unwelcome

As I am writing this, with the radio on, Christian Porter, the cabinet minister in charge of welfare, is announcing the local government area of Canterbury-Bankstown in New South Wales as the first site for his welfare recipient drug trial. This is the …

Opinion August 12, 2017

Clover Moore
Responding to Martin Place’s tent city

If it weren’t so serious, you might call it irony. As it stands, it’s a grim symbol of how we treat our most vulnerable. This week is national Homelessness Week – a time to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness and the …

paul bongiorno

Opinion September 23, 2017

Abbott’s all-out assault over energy

American baseball legend Yogi Berra was famous for malapropisms that somehow found their way into common usage. With Tony Abbott’s latest interventions, one of his most famous phrases comes instantly to mind: “It’s deja vu all over again.” We’ve …

Opinion September 16, 2017

Turnbull turns Chifley on energy

In a sure sign the Turnbull government is thrashing about in its death throes, this week it resembled the Labor Party of Ben Chifley in 1949 more than anything else. The late Labor icon was a champion of big government. He favoured intervention and using …

Opinion September 9, 2017

Coalition tensions fuel energy debate

The Liberals’ Ian Macdonald has been around the federal parliament a long time, as he proudly boasts. He is the father of the senate and the parliament – the double due to his 27 years in the place. At this week’s meeting of the government …


Opinion September 23, 2017

The ‘No surprises here’ case

In Tony Abbott’s mind, he is the vanquished leader of a silent majority. In reality, he is a fringe figure who has spent his life clinging to the leftovers of debates other people have won.

Opinion September 16, 2017

Keilor scarring

“Hitler had concentration camps for these gay people – one of the two good things he did,” the caller said. “The other one was build the autobahn.” There is no real point to the postal survey on marriage equality except this: it licences hate speech and gives platform to views that are otherwise so despicable as to be absent from public debate.

Opinion September 9, 2017

Masters of the true perverse

Macquarie Bank is a delinquent organisation. On the evidence of this week, it is a company absent of moral decency, a company whose success is matched only by its perversion. It is as if the greed there feeds on the worst misogyny.


Opinion September 23, 2017

Proud Mary kept her Rollers

Gadfly leaps out of bed every day embracing the credo of Lady “Mary” Fairfax: “Touch every life with good.” Sadly, the old clothes merchant from Broken Hill won’t be leaping out of bed anymore but the good she inflicted on the mighty Fairfax media stable was touching indeed.

Opinion September 16, 2017

John’s no in game of Tones

Little Winston Howard was out of the blocks with a piece in The Catholic Boys Daily, “kickstarting” the “No” case. The diminutive koala is concerned that churches, free speech and children will be threatened if the marriage equality postal survey results in a “Yes” outcome.

Opinion September 9, 2017

Liberté, fraternité, fraternité

One interesting morsel that emerged from the discussion at the book launch was that at the time Thomas Paine wrote his Rights of Man in support of the French Revolution, Olympe de Gouges was publishing her Declaration of the Rights of the Woman and of the Female Citizen (1791). For her troubles de Gouges was accused and convicted of treason and promptly executed at the guillotine.


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Opinion September 23, 2017

PM sets the standard

Karen Middleton in her list of Malcolm Turnbull’s “achievements” (“Making sense of his first two years”, September 16-22) fails to emphasise his only real victory. He has managed to hold on to office by pandering to the extreme …

Opinion September 16, 2017

The great divide

Richard Cooke (“Sancho Panza’s lament”, September 9-15) gives due regard to people who are victims of neoliberalism. However, the “average Joe” is depicted as a marginalised “other”, a social media troll …

Opinion September 9, 2017

Are you reading this, prime minister?

Thank you for your accurate, strong and forceful editorial comments regarding the Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton (“National disgrace”, September 2-8). It would be excellent if the prime minister read and then acted on your words, but …