Opinion November 25, 2017

Rodney Syme
The state and the right to die

Wednesday was a momentous day for Victoria. It was a momentous day for Australia. November 22, 2017, will be remembered as the day the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passed through the Legislative Council. It will return to the Legislative Assembly to …

Opinion November 18, 2017

Guy Rundle
Lack of character in Canberra analysis

One hundred years ago, when I worked in commercial television, I was asked to prepare a slate of program proposals for a mini-mogul, one of the rare types who could write an okay script himself, and also raise money, and who was thus, to network execs, …

Opinion November 11, 2017

Bill Wilkie
The precedent against Adani

As the Stop Adani campaign grows, and the heat around Adani’s coalmine continues to haunt the Queensland premier, it might seem ironic that at this year’s Queensland Literary Awards the premier’s award for a work of state significance …

Opinion November 4, 2017

Megan Davis
Bad faith over Indigenous Voice

The First Peoples of this country are unfailingly welcoming people, with important protocols for receiving strangers on country. This custom makes revealing the coarse, ill-mannered nature of the Turnbull government’s decision to shut down open …

Opinion October 14, 2017

Clem Bastow
Hollywood’s disgrace of ‘open secrets’

Let’s start at random, with film director Joss Whedon, accused of years of misconduct by his former wife, Kai Cole. Whedon has long been one of Hollywood’s most vocal self-described male feminists, creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, …

Opinion October 21, 2017

Richard Cooke
Australia’s welcome mat for right-wing trolls

In so many ways, Milo Yiannopoulos is unremarkable. He is just one of a long line of conservative grifters making hay in Australia. In 1943, a time when the devil had the best poems, if not the best tunes, George Orwell could write: “By and large …

Opinion October 7, 2017

Guy Rundle
The new nationalisation

“Tony Abbott has suggested that the military be sent in to operate gas production in Victoria and New South Wales …” Say what now? These days the federal government is difficult to keep up with, having apparently split into its “moderate” …

paul bongiorno

Opinion November 25, 2017

Queensland MPs threaten revolt

The Turnbull government’s overdraft with the Australian electorate is well and truly spent. And the prime minister’s desperate attempts to keep his creditors at bay have only served to worsen his precarious position. His decision to cancel …

Opinion November 18, 2017

Turnbull’s reality check is in the mail

Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t wait to jump on board his RAAF VIP jet and make it back to Australia from Manila for the same-sex marriage survey result. After the eight-hour flight there wasn’t a hint of jet lag as he bounded into the prime ministerial …

Opinion November 11, 2017

Manus Island, dual citizenship and the postal result

The offer from the freshly minted New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, was genuine and in the name of not ignoring “the human face of what Australia is dealing with now”. The immediate focus was the humanitarian crisis unfolding in …


Opinion November 25, 2017

The man with no face

There is no more “in spite of”. There is no longer any way a humane person could vote for the Labor or Liberal parties without giving thought to their position on refugees. This policy is bipartisan. The torture that killed Hamed Shamshiripour is the work of successive governments, elected by voters able to overlook their cruelty.

Opinion November 18, 2017

The silent majority is a lie

There is one thing we now know, tested at great expense and through a process of significant trauma: Australia is better than its politics. The silent majority is a lie. Tony Abbott is a lie. So are Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi. Lyle Shelton is a lie. The Daily Telegraph is a lie.

Opinion November 11, 2017

The truth about Manus

The crisis on Manus Island is not about drownings at sea. It is about Pauline Hanson and the margin by which Peter Dutton holds the seat of Dickson. It is about the 1505 people who represent Dutton’s tenuous grip on power. Dutton cannot allow the situation on Manus to be resolved, because to do so would be to undermine the crude image of authority he derives from it.


Opinion November 25, 2017

Court of little public opinion

Who can forget those political luminaries Hunt, Tudge and Sukkar? The bold and brave “Yarra Three” avoided prosecution for contempt after their blundering statements about the Victorian Court of Appeal while it was in the process of making decisions about sentences for two terrorist offenders. The three hung their heads, shuffled their feet and made a last-minute grovel to the judges. But all has not been entirely disremembered.

Opinion November 18, 2017

Sprog’s bill beyond belief

Senator Sprog Paterson’s religious freedom bill was a pathetic effort and little wonder he is unhappy with it. Fancy forgetting to include a clause that bans LGBTQI people from male or female public toilets. This omission confirms Sprog as one of the most inadequate people ever to land, unelected, in the senate.

Opinion November 11, 2017

Kirby, fully loaded

Gadfly repaired to Sydney’s Macquarie Street for a mystery event hosted by Macquarie University. The invitation said the occasion is to “pay tribute to the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG”. It was to have been held at the Federal Law Courts until the sprinkler system caused havoc to the halls of justice, so it was transferred across the road to the Mint, which was fitting, given we were about to get information on “gifting opportunities”.


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Opinion November 25, 2017

The domination of Murdoch

For 50 years Rupert Murdoch, directly and by race-to-the-bottom influence, has poisoned the epistemological covenant between Western voters and the governments we elect (Karen Middleton, “Rudd calls for News Corp inquiry”, November 18-24). …

Opinion November 18, 2017

Time for constitutional change

Australia’s constitution continues to frustrate us all (Karen Middleton, “It’s all turned to citizenship”, November 11-17). Is it not time to recognise that it was created by conventions of men with whom we share very few values? …

Opinion November 11, 2017

Reputation ruined by Manus actions

Thank you, Imran Mohammad, for your lucid and terrible description of life on Manus (“Alone and abandoned”, October 28-November 3) as the government prepares with stunning precision to remove those few physical requirements we all need. Apart …