Opinion July 22, 2017

Richard Cooke
Comments and the discourse of distraction

At what point does a hangover become cirrhosis? Perhaps it was the revolting public kicking of Yassmin Abdel-Magied, or MP Craig Kelly’s claim that renewable energy was killing elderly people, or Rowan Dean’s “fuck off we’re full” …

Opinion July 22, 2017

Sean Kelly
Security and Malcolm Turnbull’s bluff

A bloke named Craig Morgan got his 15 minutes of fame this week. Barnaby Joyce identified him as the man who once knocked out his front teeth. “You remember his name?” the journalist at GQ magazine asked. “When someone removes …

Opinion July 15, 2017

Guy Rundle
The death of neoliberalism

Socialism is back. It’s been gone for decades, unmentioned and unused, a dead concept. Then suddenly, there it was. The word returned with the rise of Bernie Sanders and the movement around him, a vast rolling insurgency of youth, union workers, …

Opinion July 8, 2017

Richard Ackland
The Coalition’s legal appointments

Providing cover is as much a political as a military art form, distracting the enemy with a few grenades in one direction while forces scuttle more freely in another. It doesn’t get any more sophisticated in Canberra. Peter Dutton, the immigration …

Opinion June 24, 2017

Jane Caro
Gonski’s troublesome twin

The reason I supported the original Gonski schools funding formula was because it was both needs based and sector blind. The formula wasn’t perfect, but what is? Implementing it, for example, was more expensive than it should have been because of …

Opinion July 1, 2017

Marcia Langton
Adani, native title and risky strategies

Adrian Burragubba is the key litigant against the Carmichael mine in Central Queensland right now. He has a right to be a litigant, but during the past decade he has in my opinion put at risk the native title rights of the majority of the traditional …

Opinion June 17, 2017

Andrew Denton
The religious lobby against assisted dying

For those who like to watch reruns of old dramas, there’s one happening right now in Victoria. It’s playing out in real time and it has a depressingly familiar storyline: how the Christian political lobby, which represents a small minority …

paul bongiorno

Opinion July 15, 2017

The Liberals’ fight for Menzies’ legacy

Australia’s longest-serving prime minister, Sir Robert Menzies, is back at the centre of political controversy and skulduggery thanks to his successor as Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull. He evoked the ghost of Menzies in a contentious speech …

Opinion July 8, 2017

Tony Abbott keeps up the fight

Malcolm Turnbull is in full international statesman mode, representing Australia’s interests on the world stage. He’s rubbing shoulders with heavy hitters at the G20 in Germany and he is on his way to London to see the Queen. Never has it …

Opinion July 1, 2017

Pyne and Abbott deliver Turnbull a rough ride

Malcolm Turnbull loves to boast about his love of public transport. The enduring image this week was the prime minister being studiously ignored by fellow travellers on a Melbourne tram. The social media was captivated and many tweets saw it as a metaphor …


Opinion July 22, 2017

Four years on Manus

Four years on, they’re cutting off the power and water. Inside the detention centre, men are still waiting to find out what is happening. The minister maintains everything will be resolved. These buildings will be demolished by October. “Our emotions fluctuate between despair and, occasionally, a faint flicker of hope,” Imran Mohammad wrote this week.

Opinion July 15, 2017

Race to the bottom

There was no surprise in Rowan Dean’s smirking editorial on Sky News, either, where he told Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane to “hop on a plane and go back to Laos”. There is something sick in the satisfaction of it. Dean’s comments were clearly prepared. He intended them.

Opinion July 8, 2017

Force of Abbott

Tony Abbott never understood he was living in a contemporary society; he governed for a world that no longer existed, for a fantasy of the past. His leadership was always illusory. His default has always been treachery. That one man could do so much damage is testament to his corrosive gift for harm.


Opinion July 22, 2017

Born to be resiled

Here we were thinking that sovereignty was so yesterday. How wrong we were. Senators are falling like tenpins because their mothers fetched up on the wrong piece of soil. The birther movement has now got a real leg-up as ancient lawyers analyse the location of maternity wards from which MPs and senators were hatched.

Opinion July 15, 2017

Barefaced Lyle

His being attacked by Father Lyle Shelton of the Australian “Christian” Lobby is enough to make you warm to Poodles Pyne. Yes, the letterboxes in poor Poodles’ electorate of Sturt are being stuffed with flyers featuring critiques of the MP’s support for dreadful ideas such as Safe Schools and marriage equality.

Opinion July 8, 2017

Get thee behind I

Others have had the stomach to carefully ingest the statements of Immigration Minister Peter “Benito” Dutton, so I’m grateful to them for pointing out that the man who will set the university-level English exams for aspiring citizens has a special way with the language of Shakespeare, Shelley and Enid Blyton.


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Opinion July 22, 2017

More to Menzies’ legacy

Gadfly’s shortlist of Robert Menzies’ achievements (“Ming ding”, July 15-21) omitted his gift of $5 million to Tasmania’s Reece Labor government in 1965 to bulldoze a road into the south-west wilderness. Via that road the …

Opinion July 15, 2017

Commission’s Catholic focus questioned

Martin McKenzie-Murray quoted inaccurately and selectively from my address to the Christopher Dawson Centre in May (“The people defending Cardinal George Pell”, July 8-14). I never alleged that there have been “conspiratorial attacks” …

Opinion July 8, 2017

The toll of clergy abuse

The Saturday Paper editorial “Pell’s day in court” (July 1-7) confirms that George Pell has been charged with historical offences, and is also about the recent impact of child sex offences on the church. As a member of a family …