Opinion May 27, 2017

Nayuka Gorrie
Cultural appropriation and power

Recently, within the span of a week, my newsfeed, possibly like yours, was filled with stories of cultural appropriation so out of place one’s immediate reaction was to laugh. One story was of boomerangs being sold by Chanel for nearly $2000, …

Opinion May 13, 2017

Michael West
Multinationals' brazen tax avoidance

American Express has paid no net tax in Australia for nine years, according to its latest financial statements. That is zero tax on $10 billion in revenue. Well might this story end there. Enough has already been said. But Amex is by no means …

Opinion May 6, 2017

Kim Dalton
The ABC's unchartered waters

In Ken Inglis’s forensic history of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he quotes then communications minister Neil Brown as saying in the early 1980s that the ABC “jealously guarded their independence and resented any intrusion”. …

Opinion April 29, 2017

Guy Rundle
Abbott and Latham, the masters of delusion

Somewhere out there, in old piles of books and on dusty shelves, tucked between the Paulo Coelhos and Women Who Run with the Wolves, there’s a few neglected copies of a classic of Australian political humour. Not anything by the late …

Opinion April 15, 2017

Nicholas Gruen
Making the Reserve Bank a “people's bank”

As the financial crisis continued wreaking its havoc in late 2010, Mervyn King, who, as governor of the Bank of England, sat at the apex of the banking system, made this observation: “Of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the …

Opinion April 22, 2017

Wendy Bacon
The state of radical dissent

Over the past week, I have spent many hours at a gallery in Redfern, in inner Sydney, at an exhibition called Tharunka to Thor: Journalism, Politics and Art 1970-73. The exhibition charts the story of a group of students, writers, …

Opinion April 8, 2017

Vaishali Patil
Exposing Adani's environmental and labour abuses

For more than 20 years, I have worked with India’s poorest and most marginalised people, helping women access basic education and defend their rights to land. In that time, I have also provided legal support for communities and biodiversity hotspots …

paul bongiorno

Opinion May 27, 2017

Labor pushes on with budget reply

On Monday, the first day back for parliament since budget week, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce almost blew a gasket attacking Labor’s Bill Shorten. The opposition leader’s days were numbered, Joyce fulminated, because Anthony Albanese …

Opinion May 20, 2017

Scott Morrison's pitch for a post-budget bounce

The budget-selling roadshow has been in top gear for almost two weeks but early signs are the spruikers are finding it hard to be heard above the noise of the carnival. And that is despite every effort to be in tune with the vaudeville act of its main …

Opinion May 13, 2017

Turnbull's budget turnaround

One of Malcolm Turnbull’s inner sanctum was upbeat as journalists pored over the details of this week’s budget. “Labor’s got nowhere to go,” he said. Judging from his demeanour in the Parliament House lock-up, Treasurer …


Opinion May 27, 2017

Tinfoil witch trials

This is a defence of the ABC. It is a defence against a government with no apparent respect for the independence of one of this country’s most important institutions. It is a defence against the thuggishness of a minister such as Peter Dutton and the madness of a senator such as John Williams, against the blackmail and conspiracies that define politicians’ relationships with the national broadcaster.

Opinion May 20, 2017

Deliberate injustice

These documents make concrete what has long seemed likely: that the human rights abuses suffered by refugees on Manus Island are deliberate. The horror of these camps is no accident. This is calculated, cynical, cruel. A report by the United Nations’ special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, François Crépeau, was released this week and makes much the same point.

Opinion May 13, 2017

Running race

You cannot make an ad with the slogan “Australians First” and not be dog-whistling at racist anxiety. Irrespective of who was cast in it and who saw it before it was screened, this was its intention. This racist anxiety was the only reason it was made.


Opinion May 27, 2017

Last-ditch posting

Phillip Coorey, AFR’s political correspondent, the other day confirmed that PM Trumble’s pre-election frontbench reshuffle “would see the departure of Attorney-General George Brandis” – something that has been eagerly awaited for some time. He goes on to say that while London has frequently been mentioned as a likely destination for Bookshelves, “Wellington is now on the cards”.

Opinion May 20, 2017

Cranston pickle

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see Flag-Pin Morrison muscling up in the wake of the alleged tax fraud arrests. “Those who think they can defraud Australian taxpayers – today’s events show that they have another thing coming,” the treasurer said, without being too fussed about pre-trial prejudice.

Opinion May 13, 2017

A Mark of respect

There’s too much death about, particularly the death of good people. The arseholes seem to live forever. After a long illness and a brave fight, Mark Colvin has gone. He was a fixture on our landscape presenting ABC Radio’s PM for 20 years with a voice that reassured us the program was dependable.


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Opinion May 27, 2017

Other options for refugee situation

Since it seems unlikely that the United States will take a very large number of those refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, it does appear that Australia has real obligations to the remainder (Editorial, “Deliberate injustice”, May 20-26). …

Opinion May 20, 2017

Business without conscience

Having read Michael West’s “Getting down to farce tax” (May 13-19) I would like to bring into question the concept of corporate and individual ethics. How can these businesses and individuals justify, through what could be called …

Opinion May 13, 2017

Make all schools great

Mike Seccombe’s “The war on universities” (May 6-12) could form part 2 of his “Schools of injustice” article (October 8-14, 2016), as a most comprehensive journalistic dissection and contribution regarding the mix of recent …