editorial May 21, 2022

Life inside a lie

The government Scott Morrison leads has achieved less in three terms than perhaps any other in Australian history. What it has accomplished has largely made the country worse.

editorial May 14, 2022

It’s time

The remarkable fact about Anthony Albanese is that until about six years ago he never thought he would be prime minister. This may not seem surprising, but it marks him as different to his predecessors. Possibly, it makes him more normal.

editorial May 7, 2022

Last refugees of the scoundrel

By now it is obvious that people in detention are props to Scott Morrison. They are not human to him. They represent only voters’ fears.

editorial April 30, 2022

The running man

The story of Scott Morrison’s life is of events almost catching up with him. His career has been spent a few steps in front of calamity. This election is the first time his actions have pulled up parallel with his intentions. Morrison is in the find out phase.

editorial April 23, 2022

Pacific demands

It’s not wrong to call it the greatest failure of Australian foreign policy since Vietnam or even since World War II. The decision of Solomon Islands to sign a security pact with China was not inevitable. It was the outcome of a decade of neglect and indifference.

editorial April 16, 2022

The incredible shrinking country

Scott Morrison will effectively dump his commitment to establish an integrity commission, which he had promised to deliver before this election: “I am not going to introduce a kangaroo court. I am not going to introduce a policy that I don’t think is in the nation’s best interests …”

editorial April 9, 2022

Political prisoners

Scott Morrison always framed it as a kind of moral vanity. Any justness was a threat to our borders. The slightest decency would undo the system he had built to stop the boats. In private, he said there could be no gap for the light to get through. He talked about indulgence. He presented what he was doing to refugees as difficult and right.

editorial April 2, 2022

Petrol money

This is the budget of an oblivious friend offering at the last minute to chuck in a little bit for petrol money. On every possible front it is a reminder of how little the Morrison government has done in office. On some points, there is a late attempt to fix things – not with any meaningful reform, just a bit of cash. For others, there isn’t even that.

editorial March 26, 2022

Chicken suit politics

Every three years, whoever leads the Labor Party is stripped to the waist, covered in tar and feathers, and marched through The Daily Telegraph’s newsroom, clucking and scratching like a chicken. The ritual is designed to debase the leader and show Rupert Murdoch’s dominance.

editorial March 19, 2022

Grasshopper government

The original judgement was described as novel but only by lawyers. To anyone else it seemed self-evident that a minister should consider the wellbeing of children when making her decisions.

editorial March 12, 2022

Capricious freedom

The message came from Mehdi Ali a day before the flight. The next evening he was going to be taken to the airport. He would be put on a plane and flown to America. After almost nine years, he would be free.