Deliberate injustice

These documents make concrete what has long seemed likely: that the human rights abuses suffered by refugees on Manus Island are deliberate. The horror of these camps is no accident. This is calculated, cynical, cruel. A report by the United Nations’ special rapporteur on the human rights of...

Running race

You cannot make an ad with the slogan “Australians First” and not be dog-whistling at racist anxiety. Irrespective of who was cast in it and who saw it before it was screened, this was its intention. This racist anxiety was the only reason it was made.

Press ganged

A strike such as the one at Fairfax is an expression of horror at a company taking itself apart. Similar, less publicised, redundancy rounds are happening at News Corp. Journalism is in serious danger. The newsrooms of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have shrunk beyond...

The farce post

Sometimes it comes as numb disgust. There is not much more one can feel when this industry betrays itself, when journalism so forgets its purpose and treats a life as a game. Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a person of thoughtful integrity. She approaches life from a place of deeply felt humanity. She has...

Citizen cane

As ever, it was Peter Dutton whose language made clear the government’s purpose. Immediately, as changes were announced to citizenship, he was talking about migrants “contributing and not leading a life on welfare”. Migrants had to prove “they haven’t been perpetrators of domestic violence or...

Life and debt

It’s almost as if Centrelink set out to design the worst system possible. It’s as if the department worked at finding the most vindictive and imprecise arrangements through which to pursue the people it is supposed to serve, then put out a tender to see if they could be made more cruel.

Review mirror

It almost doesn’t matter what Andrew Robb has found. His internal review of the Liberals’ performance at last year’s federal election shows a party seemingly unprepared for modern politics – underequipped, unaided by research, outclassed on the ground. But the issue is not how close the Coalition...

Grouchy Mark

The last time it ended at a writers’ festival. That is part of the contradiction of Mark Latham, the apparent voice of western Sydney, who left politics for acreage and the breeding of racehorses.

Purpose riven

In Canberra much of the week’s politics was spent on changes to the laws regulating the racist mistreatment of minorities. These are changes with little popular support. They show a government legislating for itself.

The freedom of a coward

Bill Leak was a racist. To pretend otherwise is a nonsense.

Inhuman services

Here’s hoping

Milo and POTUS

The cost of not caring

Pell and fury

The art of the real: Fighting fake news

Fighting the myth

In the wake of Australia Day, this week's editorial it is written by Nakkiah Lui, a Gamillaroi/Torres Strait Islander woman. Change is about giving up space, and the editorial is a newspaper’s most privileged space.

Join the Australia Day boycott

Obeid and his taming

The date is changing

Visa ‘integration test’ unconscionable

Eject Dutton

Blunting democracy

Faceless man

Dutton’s terrible invention