Murdoch manifesto

“There are no climate change deniers around here,” says Rupert Murdoch. “I can assure you.”

Except at The Australian: “Yes we have an early fire season, because we are in a drought, a bad drought, in some areas it is the worst since the Federation drought. There’s your clue, we had as bad or worse in the 1890s and 1900s.”

Except at the Herald Sun: “The Conversation says it will ban anyone who questions the global warming orthodoxy – an edict of the kind you might normally expect from a religious authority. A fatwa, maybe, or a ruling issued under the doctrine of Papal infallability.”

Except on Sky News: “The ABC is especially delinquent, constantly amplifying alarmism, failing to answer the central questions and importantly trying to give audiences the impression that this country is doing nothing on emissions reduction.”

Except at The Australian, again: “It is time for a dose of icy water. Climate change did not cause the fires. Drought and even deadlier blazes have been part of Australian life for more than a century.”

And again: “Climate alarmists are using tragic deaths and community pain to push a political barrow. Aided by journalists and others who should know better, they are trying to turn a threat endured on this continent for millennia into a manifestation of their contemporary crusade.”

And again: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough, the Greens insist, we need science and action too. But unlike these fruit loops on the fringes, no credible scientist would suggest there is anything the Coalition could have done since 2013 to make drought-affected regions wetter and cooler.”

And the Herald Sun: “The media was quick to jump on a so-called warning from ‘11,000 scientists’ that climate change was ‘a catastrophic threat’ but if they looked deeper, they would’ve found the shocking truth on who these ‘scientists’ actually are.”

Except at The Daily Telegraph: “Climate alarmists are like the boy who cried wolf.”

Or when the Australian’s environmental editor writes: “The Great Barrier Reef is not dead, is not dying and is not even on life support, federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has declared after her first official visit to the World Heritage-listed site.”

“See how eagerly news outlets will repeat blatant untruths that fit their preferred story – that we’re in a climate emergency?”

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on November 23, 2019 as "Murdoch manifesto".

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