Religion May 8, 2021

James Boyce
Scott Morrison and Pentecostalism

The release of an unauthorised video of the prime minister preaching at his church’s national conference last month has given Australians a glimpse of an unknown man in another world. Here was a leader clearly at home with his people, using mysterious …

Health May 1, 2021

Kim Rubenstein
Stranded citizens an international disgrace

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a pause on direct passenger flights between India and Australia, with consideration of further flights to be made by May 15. Australians stranded in India, who make up almost a third of those now stuck …

Law & Crime April 24, 2021

Joy Townsend
Teaching young people about consent

Content warning: This article includes discussion and depiction of sexual violence. Australia faces a reality where porn has become young people’s choice for sex education – not because it’s a good educator, but because it’s better than …

Environment April 17, 2021

Richard Denniss
Coal’s fragile economics

When Malcolm Turnbull was dumped last week from New South Wales’ Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy advisory board as quickly as he was appointed, the move shocked many people. Turnbull was dropped by his own protégé, the state’s Environment …

Environment April 3, 2021

Kevin Rudd
A foreign policy for the climate

Britain’s Conservative government last month declared the fight against climate change its top diplomatic priority after a comprehensive review of its foreign, defence and security policy. In the United States, Joe Biden has mainstreamed climate change …

Indigenous Affairs April 10, 2021

Veronica Gorrie
Lessons from a decade as an Aboriginal cop

Content warning: this piece contains the names of Aboriginal people who are deceased. I spent 10 years as a police officer, working in Queensland. My book, Black and Blue, recounts my time in the police as an Aboriginal woman, and my …

Media March 27, 2021

Tristen Harwood
Dark Mofo and Union Flag

I felt elation and deflation in equal parts when a friend messaged me that the Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania had cancelled the controversial performance Union Flag by artist Santiago Sierra. Like so many other First Nations peoples exposed to …

paul bongiorno

Health May 8, 2021

PM budgeting on an election

Next Tuesday the treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, will up-end 40 years of Liberal Party ideology with a budget that will hugely increase spending and create deficits as far as the eye can see. The small government, “trickle down” prescriptions championed …

Religion May 1, 2021

Politics, Morrison and faith

It may console some Australians to know that their prime minister is doing God’s work. Millions of others are more likely to be confused, and even flabbergasted. Yet courtesy of a scratchy YouTube video, shot at a Pentecostal conference on the Gold …

Environment April 24, 2021

Lean times for ineffective Morrison

Joe Hockey infamously divided the nation into “lifters and leaners”. There’s little doubt which side of that line Prime Minister Scott Morrison now finds himself on. Morrison is a political leaner, just ask the states, who are frustrated with the …


Editorial May 8, 2021

War games

All prime ministers are focused to some degree on being returned to office, but for Morrison it is everything. The time between polling days is a nowhere space to him. There are no great, animating policy issues; there is just winning. It is through this blinkeredness that we might understand Morrison’s approach to China.

Editorial May 1, 2021

Hint and miss for climate targets

There is nothing clever about hinting at a target. Scott Morrison can smile and insinuate, but to the climate it makes no difference. His audio can be muted at a summit and it doesn’t matter because he’s not saying anything. This is how he governs.

Editorial April 24, 2021

Labor must put up a fight

Labor is the line. The opposition is at pains to make clear it is not the government, and certain decisions are matters for government. This is true. But on the issue of climate change, the Morrison government is leaning its full weight into pushing Australia backwards.


Diary May 8, 2021

Currying favour

If there’s one thing our prime minister loves at the same level that he loves Pentecostal evangelism, it’s Indian food. In fact, I might even wager Scott Morrison loves a curry more than he loves Jesus, given how much more he talks about curries. Over the years, he’s found more uses for curry than MacGyver would have, from an image softener on LinkedIn to a metaphor for multiculturalism in a speech to the armed forces. The man’s never met a pinch of garam masala that he didn’t love.

Diary May 1, 2021

Are you there, God? It’s me, Morrison

It has long been believed that when God speaks, it is only to prophets, poets and madmen. Now we can add Australian prime ministers to that list. While attending the Australian Christian Churches conference on the Gold Coast last week, Scott Morrison revealed that he and Jenny have been called upon to do God’s work.

Diary April 24, 2021

‘A pretty f***ing good milkshake’

Not since John Travolta asked to try the $5 milkshake Uma Thurman ordered at Jack Rabbit Slim’s has anyone cared so much about the cost of a milkshake. But it turns out that prices have gone up a bit since 1994. Now, if you want a milkshake to bring all the boys to your yard, you’d better be willing to spend upwards of $3.7 million. At least that’s what the Australian government paid for a series of educational videos around consent, which somehow involves milkshakes, and tacos.


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Letters May 8, 2021

Seeking solutions

Tim Flannery’s timely piece (“US carbon tariff offers opportunity for Australia”, May 1-7) describes the stupidity of the Morrison government’s pretence that it can somehow withstand the push for the cessation of fossil fuel mining in the face …

Letters May 1, 2021

Defence and Dutton

On past performances, Peter Dutton’s new gig as Defence minister could be at least as alarming to domestic fans of democracy as he hopes to be to any foreign foe (Karen Middleton, “How Peter Dutton will transform Defence”, April 24-30). Dutton has …

Letters April 24, 2021

The watches on the wall

There’s too much hot air obscuring the real bones of the Australia Post saga. It’s not really about Christine Holgate or bonus watches: that was just a convenient hook for the government to hang it on, as Karen Middleton spells out (“How Christine …