letters June 15, 2019

Obfuscation over public interest

Thank you, Karen Middleton, for the next chapter in the history of Prime Minister Scott Morrison (“Fresh documents in Morrison’s sacking”, June 8-14). “The minutes of that meeting were provided under FOI, but mostly redacted…” This is yet another...

diary June 15, 2019

Gadfly: Security counsel

Senior members of the Commonwealth’s cop squad have been working overtime on coming up with fresh meanings for the phrase “national security”. To paraphrase Humpty Dumpty, it really means just what the government chooses it to mean, neither more nor less. Certainly it covers things such as bugging the Timor-Leste ministerial offices, or soldiers shooting the wrong people in Afghanistan, or plans by spooky public servants to spy on the entire population. All of that comes under the Humpty Dumpty definition, which really has nothing to do with national security at all, but more to do with government embarrassment.

editorial June 15, 2019

Setting the record straight

The first missive from Sally McManus was brief. So veiled in its construction, the statement obscured the deeper issue with Setka. And in pushing to expel the union boss from the Labor Party, Anthony Albanese skirted the detail entirely.

law & crime June 15, 2019

Free speech, censorship and media raids

One of the first political books I bought was a faded copy of Australia’s Censorship Crisis , edited by Geoffrey Dutton and Max Harris. I picked it up more for its cover than its contents, and this turned out to be serendipitous. Though it was then...

immigration June 15, 2019

All quiet on the Morrison front

Scott Morrison is assiduously doing nothing much of consequence. In fact, this week he appeared to have taken a leaf out of the opposition leader’s book and, like Anthony Albanese, is doing a lot of listening. He has apparently decided this is the...

letters June 1, 2019

Malakootis’ plight a crying shame

Tearfully, I read Abdul Karim Hekmat’s “Hearts in darkness” on Sadoullah Malakooti (May 25-31). Tearfully, I mowed the bourgeois lawn and pondered. Who can be happy in a country where this happens to a struggling father and his children? Who can...

indigenous affairs June 1, 2019

Morrison and Albanese set out their plans

Already, the race is on for the next election. Both a jubilant Scott Morrison and a perky Anthony Albanese are off and running. Morrison has set himself the task of winning a fourth term for the Coalition, while Albanese is determined to learn from...

editorial June 1, 2019

Women at risk

The ritual has a familiar shape by now. Four women killed in Melbourne, four public deaths in less than a year. Eurydice Dixon, Aya Maasarwe, Natalina Angok and Courtney Herron. With each there was a shading in of the question of vulnerability – of the violence faced by women of colour, and international students, and the twin complications of addiction and homelessness. But all four of these women were killed by men.

immigration June 1, 2019

Saving asylum seekers’ lives

As the doors of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) opened on the Monday after the election, it was clear the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum had been profoundly altered. Once again, their fate had been determined by other people,...

law & crime June 1, 2019

Character assessment in sentencing decisions

Some time between 8.58am and 10.43am on June 29, 2016, after Borce and Karen Ristevski’s daughter, Sarah, left for work, Borce killed Karen, his wife of 27 years, in a manner known only to himself. He then moved her body from their home, placed it...

letters May 25, 2019

Spirit didn’t move the voters

Your editorial noted “it was an election set piece dreamed up by the most earnest of Labor strategists” (“Time to choose”, May 18-24) as now former Labor leader Bill Shorten invoked the ghostly spirit of Edward Gough Whitlam, QC, MP in the very same...