editorial December 14, 2019

This is an emergency

We don’t know for sure if Nero played violin while Rome burnt. If it did happen, it was likely a different instrument, perhaps a kithara. But that other question – of whether a leader could be so frivolous and uncaring in the face of such catastrophe – was answered this week by Scott Morrison.

environment December 14, 2019

PM’s clouded judgement on climate

On a day when thick, acrid smoke made Australia’s largest city virtually uninhabitable, the prime minister claimed climate policy success. Scott Morrison told a news conference – which had been called not to respond to the crisis but to discuss the...

immigration December 14, 2019

Australia should lead way on refugees

Next week, the first United Nations Global Refugee Forum will take place, where member states will try to co-ordinate a response to the largest global refugee crisis since World War II. It is the first step towards a necessary international...

letters December 14, 2019

Indigenous numbers beat Lambie’s

Senator Jacqui Lambie (Mike Seccombe, “Lambie’s secret medevac bargain”, December 7-13) only got 31,383 primary votes, and her preferences made up the Tasmanian senate quota, which at the last election was 50,285 votes. So 50,285 voters gave her a...

diary December 14, 2019

Gadfly: Houston calling

What a miracle it was that Brian Houston, leader of the Hillbilly Church and spiritual adviser to Schmo Morrison, managed to get his White House ban lifted. There he was inside the cabinet room, no less, announcing he had prayed for the Pussy Grabber, presumably asking God to remedy his bone spurs.

law & crime November 30, 2019

Taylor twist as Morrison phones a ‘friend’

Scott Morrison’s handling of the police investigation into Energy Minister Angus Taylor this week brazenly flouted conventions of propriety and integrity. The prime minister actually phoned the New South Wales police commissioner, Mick Fuller, and...

immigration November 30, 2019

The importance of medevac

It’s hard to believe, but here we are again. The dying days of parliament for 2019 and we’re back in Canberra fighting for medical care for refugees. This time last year we were here too, lobbying to get the last remaining kids off Nauru, for the...

letters November 30, 2019

The challenge of China

I feel sad and worried to see Australia’s stance towards China reduced to a struggle between fear and greed, as described in Vicky Xiuzhong Xu’s article, “Keating exposes China divide” (November 23-29). I was brought up to like and admire China and...

diary November 30, 2019

Gadfly: Rhodes to perdition

By now the gatekeepers at the entrance to the Rhodes Scholarship must be rewriting the requirements. What a collection of political mugs they have delivered us in recent years: The Mad Monk, Malcolm Trumble and Grassgate Gussy Taylor. All Rhodes, and all terrible at their politics. Old Cecil must be turning in his plot.

opinion November 23, 2019

Dogged by dollar dilemmas

While politicians, experts and commentators debate the threats and opportunities China poses for Australia, our own government’s behaviour has also come into the frame. In focus: the Department of Human Services’ bullying of at least one million...

law & crime November 23, 2019

Under fire from the new fascism

“Little fucking kikes,” screams alt-right leader Richard Spencer, in audio recorded immediately after the murder of anti-fascist protester Heather Heyer. “They get ruled by people like me. Little fucking octaroons. My ancestors fucking enslaved...