letters April 20, 2019

Unhappy Gilmore

Driving in congested traffic makes me console myself with extremely foul language. Driving through Nowra at any time of the day can produce this effect as I negotiate the narrow, hostile road to the Deep South. Recently, my wayward mouth was snapped...

diary April 20, 2019

Gadfly: Bill’s joint adventure

So good to see the Shortens among the shorthorns, baby goats and bottled preserves at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. But it was on the Central Coast where the leader of the opposition made a lasting impression while participating with a whole pile of little kids in a “slip, slop, slap” awareness moment. Gadfly has been unable to get out of his mind Shorten’s eccentric use of his knuckles in applying sunscreen to his face. I suspect there’s a lot we don’t know about this man but the sunscreen incident was a valuable insight.

editorial April 20, 2019

Nothing to see here

Scott Morrison is a man without promise or promises. It is not clear why he wants to lead the country. He has yet to lay out a plan for it and gives no sign that he will. When he talks about Bill Shorten, he warns Labor will change everything. His own undertaking is that he will not. His proposition is the status quo.

economy April 20, 2019

Dutton serves as Labor’s Easter bunny

Being frontrunners in the election campaign, as confirmed by the latest Newspoll, has key Labor people nervous. They are uncomfortable with the almost universal expectation the election is theirs to lose or, worse, that Bill Shorten is already seen...

media April 20, 2019

Murdoch plays the Trump card

Rupert Murdoch is friendly with many world leaders, but the octogenarian media baron has always wanted to be close to an American president. Now he is. According to a former Fox executive, Murdoch talks on the phone to Donald Trump so frequently...

media March 30, 2019

Morrison gears up for last-ditch budget

The government is rushing at breakneck speed towards its date with destiny. On Tuesday night the treasurer will unveil the first budget of the Morrison government, which the polls suggest will almost certainly be the last fiscal prescription of the...

editorial March 30, 2019

Rise of the outsiders

In 2002, Mark Latham delivered the Menzies Lecture at London’s Kings College, canvassing the rise of Pauline Hanson, among other things. Pointing to the growing divide in our politics, he sought to explain her accumulation of power. “I would argue that the political spectrum is best understood as a struggle between insiders and outsiders,” he said, “the abstract values of the powerful centre versus the pragmatic beliefs of those who feel disenfranchised by social change.”

politics March 30, 2019

The death of political debate

In Australia, in the decades after World War II, politicians were generally ahead of public opinion – on the mass migration program and ending the White Australia Policy, on abolishing the death penalty, divorce law reform, the decriminalisation of...

diary March 23, 2019

Gadfly: Laying it on sick

There’s so much that can make people physically sick. Army wallah and boonies Nasty Party senator Linda Reynolds told ABC viewers she was “almost physically ill” when the medivac legislation was passed by parliament. After all, it was Muslims who were on the attack in Bali, if you follow her drift. She’ll make a fine addition to Team Schmo. Other citizens were just as ill with news from New Zealand.

letters March 23, 2019

Looking for answers

Firstly, as a Muslim and a refugee I want to thank the wider Australian community for their kind words and affection and for showing their great support in this time of great grieving. And I also thank Prime Minister Scott Morrison for at least...

religion March 23, 2019

The politics of hate

The Australian white supremacist who allegedly massacred 50 Muslims while they were at Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand has recast the political debate in this country. The cowardly, hate-filled attack has shaken both nations to their...