Opinion October 14, 2017

Clem Bastow
Hollywood’s disgrace of ‘open secrets’

Let’s start at random, with film director Joss Whedon, accused of years of misconduct by his former wife, Kai Cole. Whedon has long been one of Hollywood’s most vocal self-described male feminists, creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, …

Opinion October 7, 2017

Guy Rundle
The new nationalisation

“Tony Abbott has suggested that the military be sent in to operate gas production in Victoria and New South Wales …” Say what now? These days the federal government is difficult to keep up with, having apparently split into its “moderate” …

Opinion September 30, 2017

Richard Ackland
The pointless exercise of suppression orders

Last month, a 50-year-old man was arrested in Sydney and charged with the sexual assault of a three-year-old girl, who he had allegedly lured into a stairwell at a chalet in Perisher. The case came before the Local Court, where the solicitor for the …

Opinion September 23, 2017

Kelly Glanney
Correcting the debate on gender identity

Two weeks in, I find myself punch-drunk and utterly perplexed. As a transgender advocate who has spent more than 25 years working to expand the legal and cultural recognition of universal human rights and to demystify gender diversity more generally, …

Opinion September 9, 2017

Richard Cooke
Australia chases America’s decline

Have you noticed how the term “alarmist” only ever gets applied to climate science, and never economics? Make persistent, incorrect claims about fiscal apocalypse, and that’s just prudential. Government debt? The road to Greece. Reforming …

Opinion September 16, 2017

Jane Caro
Women’s entrappings of high office

The popular chant at Donald Trump’s election rallies was, invariably, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” So popular, in fact, it continues at his post-election rallies, now that he is United States president. The woman they want to lock up, …

Opinion September 2, 2017

Bob Brown
Malcolm Turnbull caves in to Tasmanian loggers

Last weekend, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew to Launceston for the Tasmanian Liberals’ yearly conference. Accompanied by Premier Will Hodgman, Turnbull’s first stop was the timber yard of logging company Neville-Smith Forest Products, …

paul bongiorno

Opinion October 14, 2017

Tony Abbott’s shadow over government policy

The story of the Turnbull government is hauntingly summed up in the Hughes Mearns poem “Antigonish” and its famous line about the man who wasn’t there. This week, the man turned up again. It doesn’t take much to imagine Turnbull …

Topic September 30, 2017

Name-calling in the energy debate

One minute into his Monday news conference to warn the nation that the looming energy crisis would be much worse than previously thought, Malcolm Turnbull launched into Bill Shorten. Over the next 10 minutes, he called the opposition leader “Blackout …

Opinion September 23, 2017

Abbott’s all-out assault over energy

American baseball legend Yogi Berra was famous for malapropisms that somehow found their way into common usage. With Tony Abbott’s latest interventions, one of his most famous phrases comes instantly to mind: “It’s deja vu all over again.” We’ve …


Opinion October 14, 2017

Overdue care

The government’s response is that it doesn’t care. It will not suspend its flawed system of debt collection. It defends its actions in inaccurately and inappropriately raising thousands of debts against Australians. It feels no contrition or need to apologise.

Opinion October 7, 2017

Trading faces

For the premier of Western Australian, Mark McGowan, it is even more straightforward: “We are dealing with the civil liberties of terrorists and I don’t particularly care about the civil liberties of terrorists or potential terrorists.”

Opinion September 30, 2017

Talk of shame

Peter Dutton does not argue when Ray Hadley says the first refugees to leave Manus for resettlement in the United States, “looked like a fashion show on a catwalk somewhere in Paris or New York”. Instead, he lies.


Opinion October 14, 2017

Weapons of misdirection

It’s comforting to see Julie “Asbestos” Bishop in her tin hat, firing from the trenches. Australia will be in range of Kimbo’s nuclear warheads if he achieves his objectives, Asbestos warned in an op-ed piece for the Fairfax papers. She even threw in the key phrase “weapons of mass destruction” – not given a proper run around the block since the triumphant invasion of Iraq.

Opinion October 7, 2017

Okay Papists, now let’s get Reformation

Our old comrade in arms, the Most Reverend Anthony Fisher, OP, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, has invited us to a special event to “commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation”. Some may have thought that Roman Catholics are not entirely keen on the Reformation after large chunks of the old church fell off into the arms of Martin Luther.

Opinion September 30, 2017

Coleridge and the rime of the ancient marrier

It was uplifting to see Father Paul Kelly, editor-at-large of The Catholic Boys Daily, beating the drum for a religious freedom bill. Never mind that already we have too much religious freedom; Father Kelly wants more.


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Opinion October 14, 2017

Time to act on constitution

Karen Middleton’s interview with Mick Dodson (“Fixing the constitution”, October 7-13) demands the long-overdue updating of our constitution to align it with Australia’s international treaty obligations and overwhelming public …

Opinion October 7, 2017

US to benefit from refugees

Ray Hadley recently said the refugees going to the United States were dressed as if on a catwalk (Editorial, “Talk of shame”, September 30-October 6). I wonder who Peter Dutton is speaking to when he replies, “We didn’t ask people …

Opinion September 30, 2017

Chill out Tony and look at wedding gifts

I grow weary of Tony Abbott and his rear-vision mirror perspective of Australia (Editorial, “The ‘No surprises here’ case”, September 23-29). Just for once can’t he and his conservative fan club look ahead to where we’re …