Poem February 23, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

before despair hits before the shame

before scanning job sites and uncertainty


it’s shiny writing on the wall

                                    reading centrelink

Poem February 9, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

he calls them

              union thugs


              the prime minister-unelect

who got the job with a dirty knife

and a smug lopsided smile

Poem February 16, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
Frankly Speaking

oh come on

geoff wilson’s not my cousin cousin
he’s my grandfather’s cousin’s
grandson unremoved

Poem February 2, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
Ancient Giants

                   we’ll say
the summer right before
was blue-green algae

bastard took the bony bream
     and silver perch

reckon it grew from heat
and farming run-off

Poem February 1, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
The monsters are out

the monsters are out

and the women of melbourne
             we're leaving early again

sending are you home? texts glancing
over shivering shoulders keeping
friends on the line until
the key's in the lock