Poem June 15, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

first, the Ministry of Truth doctored language

their words weaponry, loaded and aimed:

asylum seekers became illegals

they said detention centres, not jails

Poem June 1, 2019

Evelyn Araluen

Sis, I have a ghost story:

A river flows fat of bream and cod and perch. Here where the soil has parted for the belly of creators, the stones in the shape of the foot of god, the river ripples songs for their journeys through the land. Black bodies splash shards of golden light, there is enough and enough and enough.

Poem June 8, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

baked redbrick,

   in the darwin heat

dry palms whisper,

   in the stifling breeze


bloke says

               mate, we were sure it was fireworks

Poem May 25, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke


                  all across the mourning fog



dark winter has descended

Poem May 18, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

so we’ll go to the polls

        lined round winter street corners

pushy leafleteers

        shoving how-tos in our hands


we’ll elbow past smiling placards

        and straight-talking spruikers

still wearied with the bickering

        of campaign attack ads


Poem May 11, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

folktale has it

         new arrivals,

they’ll throw any queen

or kingdom

             into spin


angered uninvited guests

will conjure curses

Poem May 4, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

they are the women

                 whose bodies

                 don’t quite make front page



they are carefully measured outrage


     when it happened

Poem April 27, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

with his right arm raised

in holy rapture


and the invited camera man

angling the frame


shirt creased shadow-dramatic

     like a gentileschi

Poem April 20, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
Liber Pauperum

on the western façade

     the archangel michael

grand wings aloft,

was weighing souls


and the serpent hissed down

     at eve, regal

and adam

Poem April 13, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
The Changemakers

the pollsters are gleeful


                abbott’s time has come



things, they are about to change

around warringah way

Poem April 6, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

and when all’s razed to ash

after fire season



                 the heat



cracks open the seed

Poem March 30, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke

and by the end

no one dared to say his name



so we called him



because of how they said

it all began

Poem March 23, 2019

Maxine Beneba Clarke
Lenticular Cloud – for Christchurch

across the tasman

through a westerly

     in ōtautahi, aotearoa


land of the long