health January 15, 2022

The prime minister says: Let them eat Covid

The Morrison government’s “let them eat cake” approach to running Australia took a hit this week when Liberal treasurer Josh Frydenberg tested positive to Covid-19. Frydenberg’s Twitter presence dimmed. Missives paused from the man many see as the...

small business January 15, 2022

How Scott Morrison is failing small business

There will not be a sustained economic recovery without a recovery of small businesses, and at this point they are on their knees. They are an essential element of the fabric of Australia and employ millions of Australians. They are the most...

health January 15, 2022

Why Covid-19 will never become endemic

For most of the pandemic Australia has worked to contain the virus through evidence-based public health measures such as border closures, case finding, contact tracing, quarantine, social distancing, vaccines and, at times, lockdown. Sadly, the...

immigration January 8, 2022

‘I grew up in this cage’: Life inside the Park Hotel

The darkest months in detention are always December and January. In these months, from the windows of our rooms at the Park Hotel, we see people celebrating with their loved ones another year that we’re away from ours. This past Christmas and new...

health January 8, 2022

Morrison and Perrottet’s laissez-faire pact

If you think a day is a long time in politics, try a week. This one started with Scott Morrison showing off his massive barramundi. It finished with Australia’s uncontrolled Omicron outbreak likely finishing off his government’s chance of re-...

law & crime February 27, 2021

Children’s rights suffer in Queensland

As Queensland reels from the deaths of a number of innocent people as a result of car theft by teenagers in recent weeks, community members are, understandably, desperately seeking answers to how such needless deaths can be prevented. But the...

law & crime February 20, 2021

Notes on a Coalition scandal

When bad news is dominating the headlines, the best solution for a prime minister is to eclipse it with good news. How fortunate then for Scott Morrison that he was able to finally announce on Tuesday that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine had been...

law & crime February 20, 2021

‘I was a staffer, and so was my perpetrator’

Eighteen months after publicly reporting her assault, former Liberal staffer Dhanya Mani explains why this week does not represent ‘progress’.

ir February 13, 2021

The truth about Australia’s wages

Like the dog that caught the car, Australian conservatives have succeeded in a decades-long quest to crush the bargaining power of unions and workers. And, in turn, they have succeeded in crushing average wage growth. But now they seem to have no...

environment February 13, 2021

Nationals still hot on coal

On Monday Scott Morrison walked into RAAF Base Williamtown near Newcastle to the soundtrack of the movie Top Gun . It may have been appropriate to his mission that day – lauding the progress of the Joint Strike Fighter program – but it was a parody...

politics February 6, 2021

Election fever grips parliament’s return

Try as he might, Scott Morrison can’t help letting slip his early-election ambitions. His most telling giveaway was in his first pep talk of the year to the Coalition party room in the Great Hall at Parliament House. But the prime minister merely...