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Centrelink’s debt collection ‘pushed him over the edge’

–Martin McKenzie-Murray

As Centrelink continues its campaign of flawed and inscrutable debt collection, a young man commits suicide.


Changes to citizenship to also reopen debate on Australian identity

–Karen Middleton

With the government preparing security-driven changes to citizenship, it is also readying to kickstart a new debate on Australian values.


Recalibrating Australia's Defence focus and budget

– Mike Gilligan


Malcolm Turnbull’s switch on power sources

– Mike Seccombe

The further Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gets into defending the Coalition’s climate change policy, the clearer it becomes that he is living two lives.


Gadfly: The munificent Seven

– Richard Ackland

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

gadfly flying


Parliamentary attacks reveal politics out of touch

– Paul Bongiorno


Writing ‘Mark Colvin's Kidney’

– Tommy Murphy

Tommy Murphy's stage show portrays ABC journalist Mark Colvin and business adviser Mary-Ellen Field’s relationship after the News of the World hacking scandal.


Disability Employment Services causing heartache

– Anonymous

While the government claims to offer expert employment support to those with a disability or health condition, the flawed system is being abused, much to the detriment of the job seekers’ dignity and self-confidence.


The death of broadcast television

– Michael Bodey

As the number of traditional viewers fall, what does the future of broadcast television look like?


Flynn out as Russian connections linger

– Hamish McDonald

Kim Jong-un’s brother murdered; Jokowi’s hopes for Jakarta governor; Lú-Olo poised in Timor-Leste


Toasting success

– Andrew McConnell

From breakfast to dessert to hangover cure, French toast ticks all the boxes.

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