Opinion October 13, 2018

Tony Windsor
How climate change policy helps farmers

Drought is ravaging the land. Large swaths of eastern Australia are experiencing some of the worst seasons on record. Frosts have wiped out large areas of crops in Western Australia, southern New South Wales and Victoria. Hail has beaten crops into the …

Opinion October 6, 2018

Thomas Mayor
Getting the people behind the Uluru statement

Recently, I read Laura Tingle’s Quarterly Essay, Follow the Leader. I was seething with anger at the time, having just read that the member for Lingiari, Warren Snowdon, had lectured Indigenous leaders about realpolitik from his comparatively …

Opinion September 29, 2018

Jane Caro
Enemies of public schooling

An award-winning public school principal I know responded wistfully to the extra $4.6 billion in education funding Prime Minister Scott Morrison is giving exclusively to fee-charging schools. Of course, she could have used some extra money, but it was …

Opinion September 22, 2018

Harper Nielsen
Why I won’t stand for the national anthem

It took me quite a while before I decided not to stand for the national anthem at school. I started talking with my family about the anthem, and the words in it. We talked about what it might mean to different people, and I started to feel as if Indigenous …

Opinion September 8, 2018

Peter Greste
Speaking for freedom

Online, in forums around the world, at the United Nations and beyond, the Australian government is quick to point out how important free speech is to a functioning democracy. The Liberal Party’s own website proudly proclaims, “We believe …

Opinion September 15, 2018

Nayuka Gorrie
Abbott’s envoy appointment derisory

As an Aboriginal person, a leadership spill is an interesting phenomenon to observe. There is a lot of earnest frustration – this isn’t who we voted for! – and there is a feeling that important decisions are being made about your life …

Opinion September 1, 2018

David Marr
Scott Morrison and the ‘strongman’ capitulations

Tony Abbott’s face as he emerged from the party room is the image I can’t get out of my head from the chaos of the past weeks. Defeat had done its work. He was pared back to the bone. His skin looked a mess and his eyes barely focused as he …

paul bongiorno

Opinion October 13, 2018

Morrison’s race to the bottom

Scott Morrison and his nine-year-old daughter, Lily, had the thrill of their lives last Sunday as white-knuckle passengers in a Bathurst Supercar. They were in the capable hands of champion driver Mark Skaife who skilfully avoided the safety fences while …

Opinion October 6, 2018

The haunting of Scott Morrison

Not even the west coast of Australia was far enough away from New York to protect Scott Morrison from the ghosts of governments past. In full campaign mode the prime minister headed to Perth to pick a fight with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and to establish …

Opinion September 29, 2018

Morrison raises the flag again

The Scott Morrison version of the Liberal government – “first elected in 2013”, as he insists – continues to be one of relentless activity and half-baked ideas. Anything to grab attention and push the buttons of the voters he is …


Opinion October 13, 2018

Faith palm

Asked if he were comfortable with a child being expelled from a school because of their sexuality, he said: “It’s existing law.” This is how faith works. It is a kind of surrender to that which has already been written down. In politics, it functions as a defence of that which cannot otherwise be defended – a perfect link back to the past and to the morals that resided there.

Opinion October 6, 2018

Searching for justice

It’s been a year, this weekend, since The New York Times published Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long abuse pattern of sexual harassment, assault and cover-up. A time before Weinstein’s abuses were known now feels like another life. And yet, in the slow push of social change, a year is nothing. Momentous events stretch time in strange ways.

Opinion September 29, 2018

Aunty maimed

The chaos at the ABC this week is not simply one of personalities. It is the result of five years of concerted interference by government, of public criticism and censure. Perhaps the Coalition did not direct former chairman Justin Milne to “shoot” ABC political editor Andrew Probyn or “get rid of” chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici. They didn’t need to.


Opinion October 13, 2018

Lord and hosts

As a good Gold Coast happy clapper, the unstoppable Stuey Robert, assistant treasurer of the Commonwealth, is likely to be redeemed of all his sins – such as running up a huge internet bill for the taxpayers, or going to China to eat roast duck at the behest of a Nasty Party donor, or juggling his directorships and shareholdings in companies with interests in transportation, gold and supplements for gym bunnies. He brings to federal politics all the glamour of the Gold Coast, including his Pentecostal zeal, which he shares with his lovely wife, Chantelle, and Skin Curling SloMo.

Opinion October 6, 2018

Sharma chameleon

The fate of the nation hangs on the outcome of the Wentworth byelection two Saturdays hence. Judging by the sheer volume of corfluting, flyers and associated bumf, the Nasty Party doesn’t regard this as a stroll in the park. Letterboxes are crammed with a blizzard of election excitements and the shopping centres choked with campaigners trying to press screeds of nonsense into the paws of citizens, who themselves are trying to flee the horror.

Opinion September 29, 2018

One for the ageds

If ever there were a business riddled with log-rollers with access to the top levels of government, it is the aged “care” industry. And what fabulous credentials are on offer. Take The Guild, a name straight out of the Middle Ages, which represents eight of the biggest for-profit providers. The chief executive is Matthew Richter, who describes himself on LinkedIn as, “a dynamic results-oriented strategist … I operate not only as a leader, but also as an agent of change. I motivate and inspires [sic] a sense of purpose in those around me …”


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Opinion October 12, 2018

PM can’t handle the truth

Tim Flannery’s article (“Checking Morrison on climate change”, October 6–12) exposes, in a very measured way, some of the blatant lies recently put forward by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Flannery states some truths that will …

Opinion October 6, 2018

Policy for the short term

Disbelief at the federal government’s monster grant to the obscure Great Barrier Reef Foundation was compounded by Karen Middleton’s revelation that it was the narcissistic political brainchild of our new prime minister, Scott Morrison (“Exclusive: …

Opinion September 29, 2018

A horse of a different colour

A clarification for those cruciverbalists who may yet be reeling in confusion from 1 down (The Cryptic, September 22–28). Roy Rogers rode Trigger; the Lone Ranger rode Silver. – Gary Stowe, Springwood, NSW   Abortion …