Opinion October 16, 2021

Chris Wallace
Can Labor win the election?

This time next year Australia will be well into the Albanese government’s first term or the Morrison government’s third. If you had to bet your house on it now, which would you predict? The atmosphere is eerily reminiscent of the run-up to the previous …

Opinion October 16, 2021

John Hewson
Selling off the dead

The separation of church and state has always been a foundational element of our political system. The constitution of Australia prevents the Commonwealth from establishing any religion or requiring a religious test for any office. This section of the …

Opinion October 9, 2021

Michael Costello
When ineptitude goes nuclear

The decision by the Morrison government to get nuclear-powered submarines rather than conventionally powered ones is correct. But like so many other decisions of the past 10 years, it has been carried out with a stunning ineptness and in a way that damages …

Opinion October 9, 2021

Rachel Withers
Who’s afraid of a federal ICAC?

The sudden resignation last Friday of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian, following the announcement she was under investigation by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, was bad news for Scott Morrison. It wasn’t just that he lost …

Opinion October 2, 2021

Cam Griffin
Impact statement. 2021. DPP. Draft 3.

Content warning: This piece contains descriptions of the impact of sexual assault. To understand the impact these assaults have had on my life, you have to go back to who I was and who I was becoming before they happened. I was a smart kid: …

Opinion October 9, 2021

John Hewson
Morrison can’t afford to ignore China’s economic woes

A British colleague of mine has drawn my attention to the folklore of sharemarkets, where October has always been considered a dangerous month. This year it may prove to be the case, due to a dangerous mix of short- and long-term factors that could spell …

Opinion October 2, 2021

John Hewson
Morrison must tell the truth on climate

An earthquake is defined as what happens when two blocks of the Earth suddenly slip past one another. This happened in Victoria 10 days ago. Something similar happened two days later in the political discourse, when Treasurer Josh Frydenberg publicly …

paul bongiorno

Health August 28, 2021

Will Morrison push for a November election?

The fictional Stone Age family of largely unremembered animated children’s film The Croods is the prime minister’s latest inspiration for a nation exhausted by lockdowns and living in fear of the Delta strain of Covid-19. Scott Morrison …

Health August 21, 2021

Always late to the rescue

The prime minister’s people went ballistic – much to the bemusement of the Queensland premier’s officials, who were involved in the planning of a special-purpose quarantine facility in Brisbane. The trigger for the shouted conversations down the …

Politics August 14, 2021

The madness of KingGee George

Scott Morrison is daring to dream. By Christmas, he wishes, the nightmare of 2021 will be substantially over and Australians will be able to confidently embrace the future with a wonderfully restored economy, living safe, vaccinated lives in a nation …


Editorial October 16, 2021

Moral capacity

The number on its own is terrible enough: in the past seven weeks, 100,000 Afghans have sought asylum from Australia.

Editorial October 9, 2021

Last resort

The Nationals have always been a party of opportunists. Now they are a party of last resort. That is how Resources Minister Keith Pitt envisages the slush fund he wants in exchange for agreeing to a net-zero target.

Editorial October 2, 2021

The journalist and the mumbler

Scott Morrison’s smile lasts four minutes. He is offended by a question on the Quad. If co-operation is needed between India, Japan, the United States and Australia, the journalist asks, who is it needed against?


Diary August 14, 2021

IPCC you

It seems there’s very little that humanity cannot achieve when we put our mind to it. In the past 100 years we’ve landed on the moon, created a global information superhighway, and crossbred poodles with every animal we could get our hands on. Our greatest achievement yet, however, may be the dedication we have shown to destroying our planet.

Diary August 7, 2021

Sky sees limits

It’s remarkably hard to get banned from YouTube. The platform hosts more than 500 hours of fresh videos a minute. That’s more content than even the most dedicated teenager in Sydney fighting lockdown boredom can watch in a lifetime. Almost all of that video – 720,000 hours’ worth a day – is of children unboxing toys or biting each other. The remainder is video of Alan Jones being sceptical about vaccines on Sky News.

Diary July 31, 2021

One out of the Boxall

We in Australia love gold more than a Saudi prince’s interior decorator. We’re the gold standard in botched vaccine rollouts and the gold standard in failing to suppress the Delta variant. Fortunately, we’re also the gold standard in women’s swimming at the Olympics, and the gold standard in enthusiastic coaches humping barrier walls. 


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Letters October 16, 2021

Coalition’s lack of fiscal discipline

Good to read Rick Morton’s analysis of the hollowing out of the public service by this government (“How private management consultants took over the public service”, October 9-15). How much money has it wasted on consultants? Not to mention other …

Letters October 9, 2021

Cloudy with a chance of landslides

It seems there’s some uncertainty in the White House about Australia’s political leadership on climate change (Mike Seccombe, “Biden adviser: ‘I don’t know whether Angus Taylor is an ideologue or an idiot’ ”, October 2-8). First Nancy …

Letters October 2, 2021

What would Jesus do?

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney paradoxically quotes Jesus putting the service of others over power and control, as Mike Seccombe reports in “Exclusive: George Pell returned to Australia ahead of church reforms” (September 25–October 1). Yet Anthony …