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July 30, 2021
While many Australians were focused on watching the Olympics this week, the federal Labor Opposition quietly made some significant policy changes. The party has now fallen in line with the government's tax cuts for the wealthy, despite previously labelling them unfair and ineffective.
July 28, 2021
Over the past few weeks a slow-moving weather event has led to record high temperatures across North America.This kind of event is known as a heat dome, and it’s breaking existing models that try to predict the weather.
July 27, 2021
Scott Morrison has regularly praised NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian for her government’s so-called ‘gold standard’ approach to contact tracing, and unwillingness to enter lockdown. But behind the surface there are growing tensions between key Liberal party figures in NSW and the federal government.
July 26, 2021
In Australia, DNA testing has been routinely used for decades in deciding who can and can’t enter the country. The story of one couple trying to make a new home in Australia has raised new questions about how exactly the tests work, and if they discriminate against people from certain racial backgrounds.
July 22, 2021
Throughout this pandemic one group in particular have been at the forefront of key policy debates: young people. But as we’ve learnt more about the virus, a new fault-line has emerged: the question of how and when to vaccinate young people.
The Culture
A new weekly culture podcast from the makers of 7am. Hosted by Osman Faruqi.
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The Culture
July 27, 2021
Britney Spears is one of the biggest music stories in the world right now, but it’s not because of her music.
The Culture
July 4, 2021
After 14 years and 20 seasons one of the biggest TV shows in the world, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, is over.
The Culture
June 29, 2021
This week on The Culture we discuss what makes ‘The Fast and the Furious’ so compelling, and why it deserves to be recognised as this generation’s James Bond.
The Culture
June 18, 2021
The Underground Railroad, a new series on Amazon Prime, is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead.
The Culture
June 11, 2021
Hip-hop is the biggest musical genre in the world right now, and one of the fastest growing locally, but in Australia it still feels like it hasn’t quite broken through and dominated the mainstream yet, in the way it has overseas - especially in the US and UK.
The Culture
June 4, 2021
Olivia Rodrigo’s hit single ‘driver’s license’ is undeniably the biggest song of 2021 so far. Now the actor turned singer-songwriter has released her debut album ‘Sour’, which has broken streaming and chart records.
The Culture
May 28, 2021
Whether it’s podcasts like ‘Serial’ or ‘The Teacher’s Pet’, Netflix documentaries like ‘Making a Murderer’ or ‘Tiger King’, true crime is absolutely dominant.
7am Special Series
Climate change will kill you
In this new series, journalist Paddy Manning investigates the link between climate change and human health, and tells the stories of those who have become some of the first casualties of the climate crisis.
Part 1
January 5, 2021
From bushfires and heat, to floods, and the increasing severity of disease, Australians are already feeling the impacts of a warming planet.
Part 2
January 12, 2021
In 2011 the Queensland town of Grantham was inundated with rain, causing flash flooding. It had a devastating impact on the town’s residents. But events like this are predicted to become more common.
Part 3
January 19, 2021
From thunderstorm asthma to the increasing prevalence of infectious disease, a warming planet is already making us more sick.
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