Dutton ‘noted’ detention provider concerns

Then-home affairs minister Peter Dutton “noted” a report that found a contractor paid more than $500m to run an offshore detention centre was never properly assessed on whether it could actually do the job and that the possibility of corruption was not considered (The Age).

The now opposition leader was sent a briefing note about these findings, which he “noted” but did not discuss with his department.

It comes after former ASIO director-general Dennis Richardson found that contracts to run Australia’s offshore detention regime had gone to companies suspected of arms and drug smuggling, busting sanctions on Iran and of corruption and bribery (SMH).

Addressing the issue in Senate estimates on Monday, Home Affairs secretary Stephanie Foster said that no public servants would face consequences in response to the damning report (Brisbane Times).

The report also found that KPMG conducted a financial strength assessment of the wrong subsidiary of the company for the government, investigating Paladin Solutions rather than Paladin Holdings.