George Calombaris and March Studio reincarnate The Press Club

Fleur Watson
With George Calombaris’s favourite painting as its starting point, March Studio has created a stately golden space for the new Press Club.
The revolution will be flat packed
Lucy Feagins
A new approach to furniture opens up the market for Australian design.
Joost and Jennie Bakker’s Monbulk home
Lucy Feagins
With the edict ‘waste not, want not’, an eco warrior turns the dream of sustainability into reality.
Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace Fitzgerald’s Newport home
Lucy Feagins
Surf’s always up at this epitome of Aussie digs.
Penelope Loorham and Douglas McMeekin’s Victorian home
Lucy Feagins
A designer’s eye and a clever layout take classic furniture to the next level.
Dan Honey and Paul Fuog’s city apartment
Lucy Feagins
A minimalist approach and clever design help a young family win the space race.
Kate Ratner and Michael Tait’s Alexandria warehouse
Lucy Feagins
A decaying warehouse space is transformed into an eclectic family home.
James and Imogen Tutton’s Mornington Peninsula home
Lucy Feagins
A passion for Australian art melds with a love of wide open spaces.
Tessa Blazey and Steven Blick’s Northcote conversion
Lucy Feagins
A canny conversion combines with a creative couple’s treasures – and the result is simply heavenly.