Quick Crossword No. 481.
By Liam Runnalls.


About the quick crossword

The Saturday Paper’s quick crossword is compiled by Liam Runnalls (LR), who also sets the weekend cryptic. Requiring less lateral thinking than the cryptic, and less general knowledge than the quiz, the quick is the perfect puzzle for readers who want to put their vocabulary to the test.

Don't be fooled by the name: it won't always be a walk in the park. “If you can solve it in under 10 minutes, you're doing well,” says LR, “But all solvers know that feeling of getting stuck in a stubborn corner of the grid that simply won't crack.”

LR has a few tips for anyone suffering “solver's block”.

  1. Every quick crossword from The Saturday Paper contains every letter of the alphabet at least once in the solution grid.
  2. There are four thematically related across answers.
  3. If all else fails, put the crossword down and come back to it in an hour. Fresh eyes have an amazing knack for cracking previously impossible clues.

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Liam Runnalls
is a puzzle maker and cartoonist. Twitter: @LRxword

February 24, 2024 unlocked
February 17, 2024 unlocked
February 10, 2024 unlocked
February 3, 2024 unlocked
January 27, 2024 unlocked
January 20, 2024 unlocked
January 13, 2024 unlocked