What is the name of New Zealand’s national anthem?
Name the world’s second-highest mountain.
Name the only woman nominated for this year’s Gold Logie.
What was Robert F. Kennedy’s middle name?
A standard Scrabble game comprises how many tiles?
John F. Kennedy International Airport is in which New York City borough?
In which decade did Albert Einstein die?
What is the literal translation of “mardi gras”?
How many inches are in a yard?
Name the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses.
What does the abbreviation DSL stand for?
Which city is further north: San Francisco or Rome?
What is the mean of these numbers: 22, 28, 40?
What was the scarecrow seeking in The Wizard of Oz?
In poker, what is a hand of five cards of the same suit called?
Hansen’s disease is more commonly known as what?
Sir Henry Parkes is known as the father of what?
Where is the Kranji War Memorial located?
Darfur is a region in which African country?
A honey bee has how many eyes?
How many lines comprise the London Underground?
Dora Maar was the muse and lover of which artist?
Children with a full set of baby teeth have how many?
What type of mammal is a pipistrelle?
What is the largest island in the Caribbean?