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No. 20
The Quiz

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1. Which Adelaide suburb’s name is a palindrome? (Bonus points for naming a palindromic country town in NSW and alternative name for Canberra’s CBD.)
2. Ichthyophobia is a fear of…?
3. What would you do with a cassock? (a) grow it; (b) eat it; (c) wear it; or (d) play it?
4. What, beginning with ‘L’, is the name for a type of food poisoning most commonly acquired after eating contaminated soft cheeses, raw seafood or unpasteurised dairy products?
5. Which city is home to the Museo
del Prado?
6. Which Italian singer will team with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra to tour Australia in September?
7. The Lorax, Gertrude McFuzz and Sally O’Malley are all characters created by…?
8. Name the Uruguayan footballer who was suspended during the FIFA World Cup for biting an opponent.
9. Which Arabic word means “submission to the will of God”?
10. Name Australia’s minister for social services.

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.