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No. 24
The Quiz

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1. Dakota Johnson, star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey, is the daughter of which Hollywood couple?
2. The initials of the independent government regulator ASIC stand for…?
3. Name the leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party.
4. The martial art Krav Maga was developed for the military of which country?
5. Hydatids most commonly affect which domestic animal?
6. The Ukrainian flag comprises which two colours?
7. What is the stage name of American singer-songwriter Thomas DeCarlo Callaway?
8. In what decade of the 1800s did the Crimean War take place?
9. The Goldfinch is the latest novel by which American writer?
10. Name the world’s highest-paid female athlete, according to Forbes. (Bonus points for naming the second and third highest-paid sportswomen.)

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.