Test your general knowledge with our bumper summer quiz. By Cindy MacDonald.
No. 91
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1. Kansas City is the largest city of which US state?
2. Friends Siobhan Fahey, Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin formed which band in the late 1970s? 
3. What name beginning with “h” is given to a yearling sheep?
4. Rapper Curtis James Jackson III is better known as…?
5. In which country is Malacca International Airport?
6. Do ligaments connect bones or muscles?
7. Whom did Gough Whitlam refer to as Kerr’s cur in 1975?
8. What is the currency of Egypt?
9. Robert Crawley, Beryl Patmore, Charles Carson, Anna Bates and Tom Branson are all characters in which British television series?
10. According to a Shakespeare play, who does the ghost of Banquo torment?
11. Australian Aborigine Harry Penrith became famous as activist …?
12. In which European city is Oscar Wilde buried?
13. Before Ban Ki-moon, who was secretary-general of the United Nations?
14. In the film Pretty Woman what was the first name of the character played by Julia Roberts?
15. In music, what tempo is andante?
16. In which city is the television series The Wire set?
17. From which plant is tequila derived?
18. What is the capital city of Switzerland?
19. Which of these films did Steven Spielberg not direct: (a) Saving Private Ryan; (b) Minority Report; or (c) The Departed?
20.  “Call me Ishmael” is the opening line from which classic novel?
21. What is the most densely populated country in the European Union?
22. What system of the human body transports oxygen and nutrients to cells?
23. What empire was founded in 1299 by Oghuz Turks?
24. Which artist has just completed their “1989” world tour?
25. A full bench of Australia’s High Court comprises how many justices?
26. What is the main mining export of Port Hedland?
27. Canada comprises how many provinces?
28. What is the closest known star to Earth?
29. Who wrote the memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail?
30. How many Olympic Games will basketballer Lauren Jackson have competed in if she makes the team for Rio 2016?
31. What is the main spirit in a Rob Roy cocktail?
32. How many elements on the periodic table: (a) 118; (b) 123; or (c) 99?
33. Which non-entertainer has the most Twitter followers?
34. The invasion of which country sparked World War II?
35. What is fermented to make the Japanese drink sake?
36. In Roman numerals, what number is represented by the letters LX?
37. What does DNA stand for?
38. Who is known as the “Father of Loud” due to his cutting-edge work on amplifiers for rock guitarists?
39. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are called the…
40. Who captained the Australian Test cricket team directly before Mark Taylor?

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Dec 19, 2015 as "In music, what tempo is andante?".

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Cindy MacDonald is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.