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No. 128
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1. Which novel’s opening features the line, “… light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul”? (Bonus point for naming the author.)
2. Which teams were this year’s minor premiers in the NRL and AFL?
3. What is the largest port of Israel?
4. Name the new governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
5. Which artist’s new album, to be released this month, is titled Joanne?
6. According to the Bible, how many years did Moses spend wandering the desert?
7. Participants in which sport practise matawari and teppo exercises?
8. What name was given to the mythical lost city of gold in the New World?
9. Which classical Greek philosopher was known as “the ugliest man in Athens”?
10. What is nitrous oxide commonly known as?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.