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No. 177
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1. Which “first lady” was sometimes referred to as the Steel Butterfly by her supporters?
2. In the music industry, what does the acronym ARIA stand for?
3. The logo of which luxury British car brand, now owned by Volkswagen, features stylised wings?
4. When the Gold Coast hosts the 2018 Commonwealth Games, how many times will the Games have been held in Australia?
5. Which sportsperson is the author of Unstoppable: My Life So Far?
6. Which artist’s discography includes Songs in the Key of Life, Music of My Mind and Innervisions?
7. Who plays Private Ryan in the film Saving Private Ryan?
8. How many time zones are there in Russia?
9. The headquarters of the LG Corporation are in which city? (Bonus point for naming what LG originally stood for.)
10. Which was the last country to abolish slavery, in 1981?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.