Test your general knowledge with our weekly quiz. By Cindy MacDonald.
No. 186
The Quiz

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1. Which letter in the standard Google logo is coloured green?
2. Where would you find speleothems?
3. In the TV series, what was written on the back of the Partridge Family bus?
4. Who won his fourth MotoGP title last month?
5. Cheyenne is the capital of which US state?
6. Name the sisters in the Disney film Frozen.
7. In legend, which ancient Greek town was the home of the Amazons?
8. Sylvia Plath was married to which British poet?
9. On December 9, 1990, who won Poland’s first direct presidential election? (Bonus point for naming the party he co-founded and headed.)
10. To the nearest round number, what percentage of Australians voted “Yes” in the Marriage Law Postal Survey?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.