Test your general knowledge with our weekly quiz. By Cindy MacDonald.

The Quiz

1. Kidnapped and Catriona are novels by which author? (Bonus point for naming the main character and narrator of both books.)
2. Which car manufacturer has a model named Qashqai?
3. Brothers Mitchell and Shaun Marsh represent Australia in cricket. Which one bats right-handed?
4. With the arrival of television’s first female Doctor Who, how many times has the character regenerated?
5. In 1868 Edmund McIlhenny created which sauce?
6. Which mediaeval castle is located in St Katharine’s and Wapping, London?
7. Is osmium a metal or a gas?
8. Which US state name is abbreviated to AR?
9. In what year was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
10. Parents David and Louise Turpin were last month accused of torture and false imprisonment of how many children in California?

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Cindy MacDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s deputy editor.